Magnus Carlsen gives a London System lesson! 👑

From one of Magnus Carlsen’s past Banter Blitz sessions he played this cool game where he dominated playing the London System. I reedited the clip with some background music to re-highlight this awesome tutorial how to win with the London system against high rated opponents. Here, with an aggressive pawn pushing strategy. Thanks for watching, liking, and supporting!


  1. Could you please link the music?? thank you!

  2. I like how both hikaru and magnus destroy their opponents in ways totally different: magnus has deep and elegant tactics while hikaru has viciously violent moves

  3. I think he might be Odin. I don't think there's a white man as dominant at anything as he is at chess.

  4. One day this guy will achieve great things in chess

  5. What is different from London and English opening?

  6. If you turn on the captions then "The critical moment was h6" becomes "The critical moment was at age 6". Indeed !!

  7. Magnus steam-rolled the Kingside with Garry and Harry,ie the G and H pawns !(fans of the GingerGM will get this reference)

  8. I suck at chess because I only have 2 brain cells and they are both fighting for 3rd place.

  9. This guy should play chess professionaly. He is good.

  10. this guy seems good, he should start playing profesionally

  11. He takes boring things, and in a obvious way, makes them super aggressive.. wow

  12. Sorry but the audio is not clear nor is your explanation

  13. that h6 move was better than an action movie scene

  14. I wonder what this guy's elo is. Seems like an IM to GM level

  15. Magnus made the poor fella ragequit LOOOOOOOL

  16. What a garbage video. Two songs on top of each other and a bunch of glitches.

  17. "I'm a quick learner that is one of the good things about me" Magnus is also the master of understatement.

  18. Love watching videos to try to get better … only to realize that my 1500 rated self is not going to get a lot of "principle" moves

  19. Is there ever a situation where you WOULDNT turn a pawn into a queen? And instead take a knight or bishop? I can see knight in some instances… but never bishop / rook?

  20. I can only watch in awe as Magnus casually destroys highly rated opponents.

  21. can't cope with this fucking garbage piano playing. so off key. so hard to listen to Magnus because of it.

  22. Would it have been better for black to move knight to e7 rather than bishop takes f4? You’d still lose the rook but prevent a queen

  23. Looks like how comfortable he is while playing

  24. At 4:50 he says whatever the opponent does he will get a queen but I think that not the case is it?

  25. Amazing acceleration of thought! With such ease, he attacked the king side. I am going to have to use this in my next game!

  26. Hey he looks like he has potential! If he keeps practicing maybe he will win a tournament some day!

  27. I love you Magnus you are a genius thank you for the lesson. 😍

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