Magnus Carlsen gives a London System lesson! πŸ‘‘

From one of Magnus Carlsen’s past Banter Blitz sessions he played this cool game where he dominated playing the London System. I reedited the clip with some background music to re-highlight this awesome tutorial how to win with the London system against high rated opponents. Here, with an aggressive pawn pushing strategy. Thanks for watching, liking, and supporting!


  1. What is he listening to in the background? I found it very relaxing.

  2. I have never seen the London played this way. I'm gonna try it and lose lol

  3. Flawless h6 move so clean so casual. There is not another like him and never will be

  4. "the objective evaluation is that i'm completely winning" – magnus carsen

  5. Funny thing is…he played the line Hans Niemann recommended in his Jobava London Course

  6. I'd love to just have a conversation with Magnus. He has some wierd maneurisms . He blinks like someone who is nervous . I think maybe it's the one on one camera videos because watched him play online when surrounded by friends and its not as bad. And he doesent seem to do it over the board but admittedly I only watched one over the board game. Curious to know what's going through his head when he has his blink tik going in full effect lol

  7. Magnus is awesome! It is so much fun to watch. It would be cool to see how his mind works in other things.


  9. Turn the music off.. I only want to hear that sexy voice

  10. The music ruins the video. You can barely hear Magnus. The editor of this video is a blithering idiot.

  11. The Most Important thing we can learn from
    Hin is Drinking enough water

  12. It would be so demoralizing playing Magnus. The game is just cruising along, and then suddenly you're in big trouble out of nowhere.

  13. magnus vs normal GM's is like mewtwo vs Pikachu

  14. What’s with the subliminal frames at the start??

  15. ok i will be pushing my G and H pawns like that in every london game I play, which is every game I plays.

  16. blahblah, blah, blahblah blah, blah, yawn and now that my Queen building factory is ready imma just go ahead and start producing seemingly as many Queens as I want

  17. Amazing just casual sacrificing a queen like meh ill make another and possibly a third queen all the while know your opponent is screwed.

  18. I love the London too, but I'm too strict and rarely put the knight on c3.

  19. Enjoyed This, a new thought process on a favored opening. Your Smooth Explanations and Host Demeanor have me Aboard now with all Notifications on. I Thank Ya Big M, wishing Blessings Your Way from Oregon. … Mike.

  20. Finally, I see a London that my computer game uses (Gametop "Grand master Chess 3", on the "easy adult" level), that I don't think many on YT can beat often.

  21. You win chess if you know how to find those attacking moves or forcing moves.

  22. This kid is pretty good he'll be a Grand Master one day and maybe at some point he will number 1 in the World

  23. I'm a beginner and just trying to follow. How was he able to march his G and H pons right through his opponent's pons?

  24. this polytonal background music gives me the creeps in a good way

  25. the quality of Magnus's gameplay is only surpassed by the quality of his videos

  26. This guy is going to be good. Really quick learner. One of his best traits

  27. "SO the objective evaluation is that i'm completely winning" HAHAHA I love that

  28. Magnus let’s his woman die to marry two more

  29. Great playing but that's a weird background song

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