London System: One Opening against anything

The London System is a great chess opening for beginner to intermediate chessplayers who want to improve their rating / elo. It reliably leaves you with a solid position for the middle game, so you can focus your time on that part. Subscribe if you want to see more videos 🙂


  1. don't teach people this garbage plz I'm begging you noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  2. I'm truly one of those "what now?" Players. Stuck at around 700 elo with the london system for months now and cant make it to 800.

  3. bruh pls put soundtracks links pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  4. The best chess youtuber that is even better than gothamchess

  5. Can you do a video about french defence?

  6. Can you do a tutorial on the scotch please?

  7. this is the best chess related youytube channel

  8. Waiting eagerly for the middle game video.. please hurry and a giant “THANKS” to you 🎉

  9. Hey could you do a video on the Taimanov? I think your videos are targeted towards a lower rating than mine, but I still want as much theory as possible on it.

  10. Glad to see you’re going to be covering tactics and positional ideas soon 🔥

  11. Please insert tactical skill into my brain 😢

  12. London system is only for great engame players as its lengthens the middle game, and you need good middle game knoledge for a long engame, the reason why most people prefer the italin is bc its quick and if you take to long and solodify you pawn structure it would take everyone to long to think of the only good move as its less obvious than a fast paced games, this doesnt apply if your playing classical games but im sure we all experienced when we couldnt find a go move and just pushed an H pawn so he could open up😂

  13. Thanks for the video, but how do you counter when they do king’s Indian/fianchetto?

  14. @chesspage1, you do a great job. I thank you so much. I keep practicing every opening you explain (carro, Indian, queen gambit) and fruitfully develop my game. You are doing an important impact on people.

  15. Bro I can’t wait for that middle game video, I swear I learned a lots of openings but once I’m done setting up and I’m in the middle game, I just don’t know what to do next or even get a strategy. Anyone has the same ?

  16. Can you play London against the Scandinavian or are you better shifting to another opening?

  17. Could you do a video on the Grob opening please?

  18. I was hoping for this! What a great video…the were the others you made before this! Love how straight forward you are! And, I love the humor…never have I laughed this much during a chess tutorial video before!

  19. Welp prepare for hate. Lots of people hate this opening,

  20. You said Knight to e4 but it’s Knight to e5

  21. can you make a video about the English Opening?

  22. please don't spread garbage boring ass openings and instead spread actually enjoyment like Vienna

  23. 10:53 sack the bishop on g6, black takes and white takes back and plays h4 and h5


  25. guys what if chess was actually called cheese that would be funny i think

  26. This better be a joke or I'm unsubbing 🤢🤮🤢🤮

  27. My man was in 18k subs it felt like that and now he is 181k daum

    I am not sure but i think the first video i watched of him was the Halloween gambit one i think 🤔

  28. Played 5 matches . All loosed 😂😂.

  29. I have a question world ?What if the BEAUTIFUL opponent didn't castle will the game still be the same ?

  30. What happens if Black doesn't castle LOL

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