London System: One Opening against anything

The London System is a great chess opening for beginner to intermediate chessplayers who want to improve their rating / elo. It reliably leaves you with a solid position for the middle game, so you can focus your time on that part. Subscribe if you want to see more videos 🙂


  1. Please keep those videos coming. They’re really good and I can’t stop laughing as well. I’m teaching my son chess with your videos and we can’t stop laughing with the sarcastic cynicism. My son has learned a lot from your videos. Keep em’ coming!

  2. Everybody gangsta till the opponent castles queenside.

  3. My friends hate london system because everything is stuck and you just place every piece accordingly they always get triggered when i try to play it against them😂😂

  4. So when playing against it, dont take the knight and castle queenside?

  5. What about c4? I've heard that move can be useful in some cases

  6. Told you you would blow up. I subbed to u when u put outur first vid

  7. This is a great video but a lot of people just want to destroy your setup as quickly as possible as an attempt to avoid theory (aggressive pawn captures on ur pyramid etc). This would be good to know how to beat as well

  8. thanks for ur vids, its so good.this is one of my favourite channels

  9. 10:52 beshop take pawn g6 attacking the rook and basicaly give a big attack breaking the pawn sturcture and bringing a full piece

  10. Me after watching this: goes into chess game and expects these exact moves to be played

  11. I have 30 hrs of theory on the London..its not as straightforward as people think

  12. Who else got an aimchess ad and didn't skip it?

  13. Beginners, fine, but if any of you make it past 1500 please drop this booooooring ass opening

  14. Why it is called london system when the queen is alive?

  15. well some types of idiots attack the dark square bishop with the knight thats the only thing i dont know how to counter.

  16. Great videos. Youve helped me learn 4 openings now. Thankful for this amazing channel

  17. Me after watching one chesspage1 vid= hipity hopity Magnus`s queen is my property

  18. The only problem with me is that I can Predict opponent's moves but I don't have any counter attack to that

  19. Nice vid! Can you do the english opening please, id love to learn it

  20. Love this opening! Have already won a lot of games cause of this opening. Still great video. Keep up the work🙂🙂🙂

  21. At 10:55 I think exf6 is the solution because if black take back with the knight so white can threating to take the rook by Ng5
    But if black take black with bishop White should play Ne5 threating take da rook black force to take back with the knight and white take back by bishop so white have winning position here

    If you guys lazy to read
    Path knight take
    exf6 Nxf6

    Path bishop take
    exf6 bxf6
    Ne5 Nxe5
    Nxe5 …..

    I hope this is correct ❤

  22. I think moving the Bishop on g3 instead of moving the pawn on 4:29 would win the queen or checkmate in 2.

  23. I love london, played it thousands of times, and I can tell you, almost nobody (even around 1300-1400 level) will capture the bishop on g3 to open the H file for you. You'll have to look for other attack paterns in the middle game, than the video talks about.

  24. Me seriously regretting should have played blitz instead of 10mins ones. Now can't go back also!

  25. And if black plays the englund gambit… can you keep the london but just change the move order or something?

  26. This video was much needed as, even if learning opening theory is very important for a beginner and playing a system can incentive lazyness or if this opening isn't what you usually play, we have to take in consideration that not everybody has time to spend on learning every possible variation of his repertoire, and as you said the problem for beginners is the middlegame. Plus knowing the plan of a london system player will surely help against it. The only thing I would criticize on is the fact that the video lack direct suggestions for black players. It would have been interesting to see some counterattack ideas for a KID player (following the past video on beginners repertoire), but the london system is know to be very solid so maybe everything is up to circumstances and this video can't predict it all

  27. i love your videos because you explain good with jokes so i subscribed you

  28. Best video I've seen on the London System!!!

  29. "The Knight goes hippity hoppity your queen is my property" bro I'm dead XD

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