Lolli Attack – Chess Openings

The Lolli Attack is an extremely aggressive line for white in the two knights defense against the Italian Game. It is very similar to the Fried Liver Attack, except that white looks to castle kingside, remove black’s e pawn and use the e file to attack with this king’s rook. The opening scores extremely well for white at all levels and has many fun tactical lines for white to play through.

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  1. What if the pawn captures to B2 for black??

  2. The opening pawn on pawn is it used a lot. ? Once Black matches Pawn on Pawn, seems White has numerous Possible Attacks.
    I know I invented a defense away from the Center for Black only to find out it was in a Book on Chess.
    White Gambits seem to work best on Pawns facing each other. But I have not played chess in years, my best chess was in HS, long ago. But like the others, this is a three peat before I start learning from these.
    Thanks for going over numerous versions.. :))))

  3. Yeah right, thanks to you I got my door wrecked, and spending the whole night explaining to FBI that they're misunderstood in the interrogation room

  4. I saw the Loli and I click it am a man culture

  5. the problem is – your opponent must go into fried liver in the first place and capture on d5 which most good players wouldn't do xd

  6. 10:15 pawn to b6, next move bishop to a6, black bishop takes white bishop, knight can take bishop next to queen, therefore destroying whites plan

  7. Now I know what would make my weeb friend play chess

  8. I know it's old but could you do a video on the Moller attack by any chance?

  9. honestly how is there a way to refute this – its not like black makes any mistakes right?

  10. Yes I know…it's a loli

    Everyone gangsta till black uses traxler counter attack

  11. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Saquib Lollita

  12. No question this attack has to be best for white on most games

  13. Yes, but which game has the less number of moves to win?

  14. why you say the fried liver attack is something people would not like I play chess to win the fastest way. That is silly

  15. Came for the.comments, was not disappointed.

  16. It's all fun and games till my opponent calls the FBI

  17. I would definitely like to see more variations!

  18. My loli got her rook involved early but it was an FBI honeypot and the knight was also a trojan horse full FBI agents they don’t understand my loli she’s an AGGRESSOR not a VICTIM.

  19. The second I saw Nxd5 I stopped the video because I know I will never get this in an actual game. What kind of blithering idiot would take with the knight? If you face someone who plays Nxd5 then it doesn't matter what you play afterwards, you're facing a moron and you will likely win.

  20. Great, I just wanted to learn how to play this opening, and now cultured men are trying to warn me. XD

  21. I hate this strategy! You’re wasting all your ponds. If they reach the end of the board they become queens.

  22. Can anyone tell me how to defend it with black? You didn't told it in video.

  23. this is the worst comment section on this channel

  24. Bratty pieces trying to mate my king💢💢💢💢

  25. damn this is literally broken

  26. This used to be my most favorite aggressive line in the Italian but alas now everyone at my rating level knows of the Polerio defense and will not allow the Lolli variation at all. 🙁

    1. e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Ng5 d4 5.exd4 Na5! {Polerio defense}

  27. i know why you clicked the video you lozlicon.

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