Learn the Stonewall Defense & Attack | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Learn the Stonewall in 10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. Strawberry Banana Smoothie from Mc donalds, I dont like much from there but the sprite and smoothie is amazing

  2. Yeah , you are definitely a good teacher! If you have some spare time , do you mind explain La Difesa Siciliana system ? It’s something that I don’t get at all

  3. I know this isn't such a popular opening, but I would love to see a video on the "smirnov gambit"

  4. The Stonewall Attack for white has been my only opening with white forever (unless I'm totally prevented from playing it)–I only play against computers!!! I beat a very strong computer with it for the first time many years ago after utterly failing with every other opening!!! I have to disagree with the great Bobby Fischer's dictum of 1.e4 "best by test." Yeah, best by test against everything but the Sicilian, French, Caro-Kann, Pirc, Modern, and Alekhine!!! And the Spanish Torture? Yeah, right!!! I try the Ruy as white and get chased and tortured all over the board!!! Could you make a lengthier video about how to set up the Dutch Stonewall for against every possible first move by white??? Thanks, great vid!!♟♟♟

  5. Can you do a video on the Grand Prix attack please…love your twitch channel. Thanks in advance.

  6. Stonewall is my favourite opening, and banana shake is my favourite smoothie.

  7. So this is the best vid in yt historie gotham? 🤔

  8. I face a lot of d4 – d5, e3 – bf5, what are good ideas from here? Is this just preventing stonewall?

  9. I enjoyed seeing this video about an opening that I play. I suggest that an easy 10-minute opening would e the traditional Nf6, d6 n1d7 e5 Old Indian, because one avoids so much of the Saemisch-type variations playing that. Also, one could sneak in the Janofsky in the last 2 minutes, offering 2 openings in 10 minutes.

  10. First I've seen of the Stonewall since circa 1984. I still remember how stifling these games were 37 years. later.

  11. how does he demonstrate on a board? I can't do the same to try and get muscle memory because there's no option to play same device

  12. A YouTube intro that is actually informing and only lasts 10 seconds? That’s rare these days

  13. I play with a StoneWall variant, I’ve never seen a StoneWall variant but I start differently. In my opnion this openning/defense is the bettter. I don't play well using blacks. Nice vídeo!

  14. What do you do if they move the bishop out on move 2

  15. System openings are not innately "aggresive."

  16. Why would your opponent castle into the Queen side if they know you're using a stonewall to develop a queenside attack with your bishop, queen and rook?

  17. Where do you we devellop the black Bishop ??

  18. I like …g5 to blast open the board.

  19. Thank you for your very easy to absorb material. Have you written any books?

  20. Ein tolles Video!!! A really good video!!! Thank you!

  21. This has a similar feel as the London opening you did. I've been practicing and studying the London quite a bit as a low rated player, and I love it. The importance of Ne5 is similar. With this being similar I think it can be my next step to develop, adding it to my repertoire. Thanks for another awesome video.

  22. I am a Washington Square Park chess player , I have been using your teaching to get players, thank you

  23. Me trying this out first game. Opponents plays c5, i play d3 anticipating the capture. Opponent plays c4 attacking the bishop. Me: "Levy, LEvy!!! Help!!!"

  24. Does this set up fail if they castle queen’s side?

  25. Hey levy i got a question I just played this (white) ..But after d4-Nf6…e3-d5…bd3-c5….c3-c4 then I got totally blanked it forced to move my bishop back …How do I defend ..Should I just take once c5 is played with my d4 pawn..But then the stonewall breaks …Help me levy…

  26. Another sad story for Black's light squared bishop 🙁

  27. Can you fianchetto you bishop to avoid it being blocked in?

  28. Played my first game with this (i won) but they played a moden defence against me could you do a 10 minute tutorial on that
    But this is great such a solid opening

  29. Just out of curiosity if after you play knight d2 and he still pushes knight up to e5 do you take and then recapture with bishop or retreat knight somewhere else.

  30. Who else came immediately from the Dutch defence video when he said "the greatest video in all of YouTube"

  31. but the bishop looks terrible in the stone wall

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