Learn the Stonewall Defense & Attack | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Learn the Stonewall in 10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. Every move has a purpose, he says. I say, "You have never seen me play"😂😂😂

  2. Yo Levy I used this for the first time against a 1000 rated player and I absolutely obliterated her. Oh My God 🙏🙏

  3. Was expecting qtcinderella to be top comment with something along the lines of "I play the stonewall"

  4. You are the greatest teacher and the best chess player 😁😁. Thank you

  5. 1:25 into the video, I feel N-KB5 is better. I was surprised by this opening, playing black against a friend who I never played before back in 1990. I instinctively castled queenside feeling the pressure on my kingside. This baffled my friend and I won. Over years he proved to be the better player slightly, but we had many hours of great chess. He taught me the stonewall and our playing enhanced both of our games. Great video. Like the style.

  6. I guess colle system and stonwall r equal but most effective opening.

  7. What a brilliant setup tbh. Totally blows away the opponents. Very aggressive

  8. As a 1000 rated player, I've watched this video a lot and have been playing the Stonewall for a while with respectable results (specially with white as not as many begginers play 1.d4. Not a lot of lessons on this opening elsewhere on chess.com or youtube. Some stuff about the Dutch Stonewall that I am looking forward to look at. Also quite a comprehensive chapter on the Stonewall Defense in How to Think Ahead in Chess by Horowitz and Steinfeld (looking forward to read it also, but i feel like books are on a whole other level of learning). Anyway, thanks for opening the door for this opening.

  9. In the position exactly at 5:16 is it okay to reinforce the c3 pawn with the rook instead of the Knight move?

  10. if 1. d4 d5 2. e3 Bf5 should white offer a bishop trade?

  11. What if black develops the light square bishop first before the knight.. Can stonewall be played against london?

  12. @GothamChess can you do a Duras Gambit video please ?

  13. I've heard that a brick is actually the best counter to Stonewall

  14. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Thank you from Bangladesh.

  15. 1.d4 d5
    2.e3 Nfb
    3.Bd3 e6
    4.Nd2 c5
    5.c3 and what should i do if the opponent go c4.Should i go Bc2?

  16. my favorite smoothie is blueberry levy, thanks for asking !

  17. This is a very good opening. You just put your wall on the board so that he can do nothing, and then you attack the king.

  18. Hey Levy, I hope this message of thanks reaches you. I just want to say I watched most of your 10 minute opening videos and decided I would write 2 of them down, 1 for black, 1 for white. I settled on the Stonewall Defense as white, and on the Dutch defense for black (still need to find an opening sequence for when they start e4). With these 2 openings I have been playing 10+0 rapid for a few weeks now and I love the stonewall opening. It feels very sturdy and yet open. I do crumble to aggressive play sometimes, but I have seen my rating climb from 1100 to 1200 already. Keep making these great videos and I'll keep watching 🙂

  19. Why this wouldn't work against king pawn?

  20. Went to a chess club today for the first time after watching this, and used the Stonewall in both my games as white to win. I even played vs the kings indian which you went over in this video. Thanks for these!

  21. I haven't ventured much into the world of smoothies, but my favorite treat is a classic vanilla malted milkshake–with cream and a cherry!

  22. It's like so easy here and then u play the game 🙄🙄

  23. That's risky you moved yoir f pawn or is it ?

  24. I need a hand here to find a book, maybe more out of nostalgia than anything. It is mid 80's, a guy at work (called Guy btw) has this book (not sure when published) about the Stonewall. The author describes this strategy is one that can be played by beginners but if they employ the strategy they will play like a grand master. He describes it similar to this video! One line from the book goes something like: "Knight to E5! the knight is placed on this magnificent outpost,..,black has barely advanced beyond the third rank". If someone knows what book I'm talking about PLEASE help me find it and the chess Karma will be strong with you maybe.

  25. This looks a lot like the London system from the point of view of white. Thanks for the upload!

  26. So what do you do with that other rook in the corner? Does it come out only during the end game?

  27. Hi! How r u? What do you think about playing c6 against 1.e4 or against 1.d4, and then I try to build a stonewall, of course, if he plays e4 d4 e5 I have to play c5 but thats the only way I dont build the stonewall, even with "3 pawns"?

  28. You,re a GGM for the students like me…

  29. @GM Bro, seriously love this opening however I keep getting stuck when Black Plays d5 then Bc5? the whole concept hinges on you being able to take that diagonal on the with your white square Bishop. I have played this opening for years and have seen so many different positions. It almost never ends up the "ideal way". It has made me feel like this might not be the best opening and thinking of moving to a different one just to not have to deal with some many different little kinks that just make the situation fragile AF. What would you suggest?

  30. Thanks for the excellent video. Could you do one on the Meran Variation?

  31. I usually only come out with the stonewall as white. But i go d4, f4, then knf3, e3, Bd3, c3, knd2, Qe2, 0-0 and then usually ideally yes. Push the e pawn jump the knight after and force some positions. But like. In a perfect world. Generally. D4, f4,knf3 is best.

  32. I was thinking at the start: "one second, isn't that just the non-accalerated london system?????????"

  33. Finally, years after playing the stonewall, someone explained it to me so that I understand, "rook up and over" move. Thanks

  34. Wish you did more opening videos. Loved this.

  35. They literally play c5 second move. So annoying.

  36. isn't this inhibiting my other bishop's activity? what to do to get it active?

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