Learn the Stonewall Defense & Attack | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Learn the Stonewall in 10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. amazing video, grob attack for the fun of it lol

  2. Levy looks like a kid he has grown a lot love ur content Congratulations for your marriage with Lucy.

  3. I just tried my first game with this and I won on turn 16! I even won with a tactic that got me a brilliant move.

  4. My favorite smoothie is Açaí with Banana, a very 🇧🇷 smoothie

  5. It looks like London system with whites pawn on f4 other than whites Dark bishop on f4

  6. Somebody recently used this on me and suggested I learn it so I can counter it next time

  7. I like peanut butter and banana smoothies, throwing in some spinach, Nutella, and milk too

  8. Definitely getting some real success with this one! Thanks 😊

  9. could you make a video on steinitz's elements

  10. This is very difficult to play against, especially since I like open positions. How do you play against this with the opposite side? Is there any way to force an open game if your opponent plays this every time?

  11. I wat he'd 5 mins of this video and played a game and destroyed my opponent online 😂😂😂

  12. If opponent plays kings pawn first move against stonewall when you're white, I'm guessing just take?

  13. What if they start E5? Can I still run this opening?

  14. Hey, please! I just started plaing profesional chess and I use your stone wall defense on white every time, I love the opening and I could say I have almost mastered it, I even play the stone wall Dutch with black when permited by white.

    The only problem is that i haven't found any books on the stone wall with white or any body else that gives a more in depth course. I would love if you added a more extended version of the stone wall on your channel or your courses o if you could recommend me any book on the stone wall.
    This has been by far the most solid and effective opening I have learned from white without needing a lot o theory. Thank you so much for showing this opening, this opening is the reason I'm playing at a professional level now. 🙂

  15. This seems a similar enough to the London. Strategically does this have any advantages or disadvantages to the London? Both ways you still get that pawn spearhead with the white bishop and knight behind it

  16. awesome, I did it the first time and I nailed it. I was the white side, but when I try it with the black side, I didn't remember the steps, sow, I lost. I had to watch the video for a second time lol.

  17. I would love to see a 10-minute video with the London in White and Black. Just as you did here with the Stonewall. Thanks.

  18. Levy, my question is thus: Is the Stonewall the only systemtic opening that can be used in White and Black, and has an attackig plane from opening to checkmate?
    PS-I am only interested in openings that are systemic.

  19. Thank you for providing so many awesome chess tutorials Levy, I love this opening! P.s. my favourite smoothie is a classic banana, milk and honey combo

  20. I watched this video twice before giving it a go and I anahilated a stronger player in my first attempt. Felt 👍

  21. Thanks dude, played Kings Indian against d4 all the time and mostly lost. After seeing this video, I decided to try it and won lots of games!

  22. Two years later it's still one of the best videos in the history of YouTube

  23. love the video ı wish we could get more of this kinda thinks

  24. I love the stonewall defense just close up the center and wait until he sacrifices every piece he has because I keep playing defensive moves

  25. WHOA. I HAVE NO IDEA IM ALREADY doing the Stonewall for months now because I do this with white but with LONDON SYSTEM

  26. Hey Levi
    Why at 6:07 do you play e6 rather than c6? You were very clear about responding to c5 with c3 immediately when playing as white.
    Great video.

  27. This kinda looks like a London but with a caged in bishop

  28. I've played a game where my opponent plays c5 c4 on the second move to prevent my bishop from going to c3, what should I do in that situation?

  29. Been watching all your videos the last motnh or so. I love your content. You were born to teach my friend.

  30. l really appreciate your friendliness in teaching. <3

  31. I played chess in high school and college for a short time. After learning the Stonewall, I played it 15 games in one semester. I won 12.

  32. Someone answer what if they play Bf5 before we move the Bishop

  33. Im not a smoothie guy but thanks for the vid, you are great to watch at 1.5x speed.

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