Learn the Queen’s Gambit Chess Opening and Relax ♕ easy tutorial for beginners ♕ ASMR

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The Queen’s Gambit is a mainstay in chess opening theory. It is a great opening for beginners and improvers, because at the lower levels you can achieve much the same setup in most games, helping you get familiar with the themes, strategies and tactics of the opening. At the same time the Queen’s Gambit is an opening you can have with you for your entire chess life. It can be played at the beginner level, the club level, the grandmaster level and even at the world championship level. It will never get out of style, it will never get refuted and you’ll always be able to find new and fascinating ways to play it.

In this video you’ll get a deep strategic understanding of what your pieces want to do and why in the Queen’s Gambit. I believe it is most helpful for beginners and improvers to understand the ideas, plans and concepts rather than memorizing endless opening variations and then be left clueless as soon as their opponent deviates. After this strategic introduction I will show an example game so you can see for yourself how deadly the QG can be in effect.

I will make at least one follow-up video (coming out about a week’s time after this one) where I go over the most common responses to the Queen’s Gambit, so you’ll have an overview of all the different stuff black can try and hit you with.

If you are new to the channel I can understand if you are wondering about the peculiar manner in which I speak. This video is not only a chess tutorial, it is also what is known as an ASMR video. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is described as a “tingling sensation” one can have when listening to a soft or whispery voice. The point is to relax the listener and maybe help them sleep. It is also known to be effective against anxiety and have a general calming effect. I can also have the exact opposite effect, which is known as misophonia. If you get inexplicably angry when hearing my voice, please do not be alarmed. This is normal and happens to about 5% of people. You can either vent your anger by writing a nasty comment (not generally recommended) or listening to powerful music – if you are into metal then put on some thrash, if you are into hiphop put on some MOP and scream it out (recommended).

In the video I say Capablanca and Alekhine played their WcM in 1934, which is incorrect. That match was played in 1927, but they played 34 games which was how I got it mixed up.


  1. if u ever feel confident enough to make a video in German I would love to hear that

  2. guy
    congrats for your job.
    good video.
    if i can suggest i would ask you stopping whisper….

  3. Ich liebe deine videos! Ich hore sie jeden abend😃

  4. i’m wondering, what’s your elo rating ASMR chess?

  5. This is so relaxing but waay to interesting to fall asleep to, haha. A great way to relax in the afternoon tho! I really like the way you explain the game and I am excited to play more chess with this new knowledge as a beginner 😊

  6. I wanted chess asmr since my eyes hurt n I didn’t think something would pop up

  7. Amazing chess mentor u r so clear in details an captivating to…..I just need to apply ur lesson with basic fundamentals an my elo's go up

  8. Why cant the queen take the knight and sacrifice itself?

  9. Among the countless times I have watched this video, NOT A SINGLE TIME have I been able to make it all the way to the end without falling asleep <3 Queen's Gambit is my Go-To white strat now!

  10. Wow. Actually I'm only on your channel because of the Chessup (I'm kind of a Tec need) but your German flashed me completely 🤯

  11. My new favorite activity is getting drunk at 2 am and watching ASMR Chess

  12. Uhhh this is such a good toturial
    Also me when i get black at a game : 💀💀💀

  13. Love the Dune Reference. You’re Awesome.
    Fear is the Mind killer!!

  14. Hey Is this the Queens Gambit Style Chess Set? I want one.

  15. Those chess pieces are so shiny are they new or old cause if there old uve done a great job at keeping them clean

  16. I want this chess set so bad, does anyone know where I can buy it?

  17. Me as a german really gotta say that you're speakin almost fluent but still very good.

  18. Did he just say ‘control the spice, control the universe’ twice? ♥️

  19. Bro I hate the mouth noise!, not a big fan, get one of those thing that cover the mic please, love your content but I just hate the lips noise

  20. Really enjoy your style of teaching…. I too play on a DGT board and make vids of the online matches. I really like your Sicilian Defense video and this one's great too!

  21. I modified my "Queens Gambit" after a period of play, to play the queens pawn, then e3, then c4. So the bishop is already covering c4. It seems to work most of the time.
    Can I ask you to explain your lighting setup to get only the board lit in what appears to be a darkened room. Cool effect! It's a black surface the board is on right?

  22. Can you do more of these? I really enjoy the way you explain the openings. It's not just a blitz of early moves with deep theoretical dives 20 moves in.

  23. This video was amazing, the only recommendation I could possibly have, is that you have separate videos for experienced players who know the basics, and newer players (and if so, mentioned in the title) But otherwise, great video man!!

  24. Wheres the next video of this series? I can't find it.

  25. Where do you get this Chessboard, it looks so nice

  26. Queens gambit is great. It's just every time i play it, i get incredibly boring methodical games

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