Learn the London System | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Learn the London System in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much! I am the worst chess player on the planet. I started playing when I was eight, now I am 48. I play a few times a year against friends, sometimes I win, most often I lose. I never trained any tactics, this was the first time I tried it! After your video I won against the computer, and it was so easy!! 😁

  2. Is there another name to the London system? I bought a book about chess openings, but I can’t find the London in it

  3. Boring position. When they say lazy they mean it

  4. Brisbane, Australia. Used to play casual chess when I was young but with my son taking a liking to it. I'm getting back into it and never thought of learning all the openings and game play. It is challenging and fun playing against adaptive AI. I've been watching different videos on YouTube by various and enjoying learning. Thanks for putting in the effort.

  5. Sofia
    But my parents are jewish 🇮🇱
    Bulgarian jew
    Very good and educational content Levy!

  6. Levy have you ever watched New Girl? Why do I feel like you are Jess’ twin brother or something 😂 that’s not an insult, she’s my fav character.

  7. recommending this nf3 bf4 0-0-0 against the benoni is very inappropriate and you should know this as an IM

  8. Watching from Longding, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

  9. I memorized like 1% from this video, I'll go back when hit 1000000 more ELO

  10. bro I cant help but notice that you got the same as harvy specter from suits (is this the new york accent ?)

  11. Good morning from Lviv, Ukraine. A home city of Vasyl Ivanchuck and Alexander Belyavsky!

  12. Watching from my bed in saint ouen near Paris ! Great vidéo tx a lot

  13. What would you recommend against en early queen A5? Thanks!

  14. I've been looking for a system to play with White for a long time when I came upon your video on the London System. My memory is not too brilliant at the best of times but I found what you explained fascinating and am most certainly going to give it a go. The way you explained it gives me hope. I shall let you know how I get on with it many thanks.

  15. I'm watching this from Zambia 🇿🇲 in Africa

  16. Ik rad dat je gaat jezelf verwonden
    Nej, ik moet me bedragen en lief zijn

  17. I’m only ELO 280 so a lot of this is too complicated for me. It feels like everything would have to go perfectly for me to pull this off

  18. "Like the video, write a comment :)" done!

  19. You see, the problem with not knowing how to punish bad moves is that players at 700 or less are the ones making those bad moves lol

  20. I am watching from Bislig City, Philippines. Went back to chess because I challenged myself to join in a chess tryouts of our school.

  21. What if they open with e5? Do I take with the pawn or push past it? Develop the knight?

  22. Thanks for the very instructive videos. I am presently watching in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

  23. Me realising I lost a rated match by London opening by a girl😭

  24. Thank you for share these all videos in YouTube.
    All chess players can learn something from this video

  25. Sir , how can I play london system ,when my kingdom is black ?

  26. Just won my first game using London system. Pyramid was intact until the end. Their kingside was easily destroyed.

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