Learn the King’s Indian Setup | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Learn the King’s Indian in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. I'm going to go ahead and confirm. You will lose nearly every game with the kings indian if your opponent bum rushes the fucking pawns at you.

  2. I love this video. I've learned a lot about the plans of the KID. They make sense to me. The Austrian Attack is the toughest reply for White. Could you do a vid on the Czech defense?

  3. Dwa kubki dziennie herbaty nędzny rosjaninie

  4. How can be stop bishop trade in kings indian. The challenge is bishop trade with support from queen ??

  5. I like the King's indian – I am trying to learn theory openings but am having a hard time remembering all the lines So I think I will stick to a setup based opening until I get more practice,

  6. Hey, why is taking the queen with the queen when it can be retaken by the knight a good thing? It came up today in a game i played and thought i blundered because the knight could take me instead of his king.

  7. so this is just like the fianchetto

  8. Every time I play d3 first, white sends bishop to b5 and puts my king in check. Any tips here?

  9. Coffee all the way. And I drink 1/8th of one cup black because Ican't handle caffeine xD. Though I do respect the various tea drinkers in the comments.

  10. neither – none 🙂 no coffee or tea for me!

  11. Can be played against anything, man didn't lie

  12. I think you should make a video on what if they castle queenside

  13. The 10-min videos on openings are really great – one of your best formats. I've been watching them again, as they really do contain some of the most important information to getting the openings right. Plus, you were super nice in 2020!

  14. It's actually kinda funny how often I play against highly aggressive people who push e5/e4 (white/black) on like move 3. There's a pretty funny line where you end up either winning a pawn or winning an exchange (still being possible after Nc3 g6 Nf3 Bf7, with some different things).

    e4 d6
    d4 Nf6
    e5 dxe5
    dxe5 Qxd1
    Kxd1 Ng4

    And now you have a fork between the e5 pawn and the ability to fork the king and h1 rook, plus a massive lead in development, and castling rights! 🙂

  15. Highly recommend chessbrahs kings Indian speed run. Learned so much from Aman

  16. yo levi the first game i played after watching this i crushed with the kings indian!

  17. Rename the KID to "Ukrainian Defense", for the reasons below. – RL

    This very morning a paragraph from Garry Kasparov’s book series “My great predecessors” (part II, page 168) struck me:
    “In that first post-war year, full of hopes and expectations, the fresh wind of King’s Indian ideas burst into chess. The wind blew from the Ukraine, with its rich chess traditions – first from Kyiv, from where came Boleslavsky, Bronstein and their teacher Konstantinopolsky, a little later from Odessa, where Geller grew up, and then from Lviv, where Stein appeared… And it was not just a matter of the King’s Indian Defence and not simply a change of generations, but that the new masters appeared with quite different chess baggage, having assimilated and creatively processed the rich heritage of the past.”
    The opening’s pioneers David Bronstein and Isaac Boleslavsky returning victorious from the Candidates Tournament 1950. The opening’s pioneers David Bronstein and Isaac Boleslavsky returning victorious from the Candidates Tournament 1950.
    As chess players we can send a strong message. Let us rename the King’s Indian the “Ukrainian Defence” from now on. This is historically fair and a tribute to the great Ukrainian chess players who advanced it in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. This is also an expression of our confidence that the Ukrainian people will resist the Russian aggressors and successfully defend their country, their liberty and the liberty of us all. -Günther Beikert has a PhD in Physics and was a big data analyst before starting a second career as a high school science and mathematics teacher. He is an International Master and plays in Bundesliga for the club of his birthplace Viernheim.

  18. Tea. Usually four cups a day. Irish breakfast. Great video. Thanks Levy.

  19. I've been absent-mindedly playing the "book" moves that I thought were right. No wonder I keep losing.

  20. I've started playing this set up and just lost 5 games in a row. It did seem the games were quite close though so hopefully I can improve and start winning with time and practice.

  21. 3-4 cups of coffee usually. Nice video 😀

  22. don't say, "or either" … it's "either that or …" A clue from one polyglot to another. Love you and your channel.

  23. ive been playing kings indian the entire time

  24. I played this opening as white for a while and was searching for an easy and versatile black opening. Little did
    I know I could play it as black. This made me more comfortable with the black pieces.

  25. 4-8 cups of coffee 🇸🇪

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  27. No coffee nor tea, just beer and chess lol

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