Learn The King’s Indian Opening In 10 Minutes

Learn The King’s Indian Setup In 10 Minutes

Ready to shake up the chessboard? In this exciting YouTube video, join me as I break down the King’s Indian Attack for beginners, but with a twist! I’ll guide you through the secrets of playing this powerful opening as Black. Learn the strategic maneuvers, unleash tactical brilliance, and witness how Black strikes fear into opponents’ hearts. Get ready to revolutionize your chess game with the King’s Indian Attack as we dive into easy-to-follow instructions and practical tips. Whether you’re a novice or an aspiring chess grandmaster, this video will equip you with the tools you need to dominate the board.

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Enjoy The Video!


  1. Great video! I really like this opening as it can be played on both sides. White can play this same opening starting with the Reti which transposes into the Kings Indian Attack

  2. Can you show us kasparovs games and explain them

  3. As a 1,000 rated player I find it hard to play black in the queens gambit declined because of the space, so this is really helpful for good development and an easy way to not get an awkward position, thanks chesscaped!

  4. You getting better and better ♟️ 🤗❤

  5. What about Kings Indian attack that is a great one

  6. And I will only Subcribe if you make a Video about the king's Indian attack for chess beginners and I'm saying this in a happy way

  7. I have a question can i play this opining against e4

  8. Very well explained, I’m surprised you’re not more popular

  9. Maybe you should cover the dutch defense sometime, it has a similar to the king’s indian defense and since it starts like d4 f5, you do not need to move the knight to play f5 later on.

  10. I love this opening because is defensive and atacking.But ,is it good against e4 ?

  11. London system, queens gambit, and queens Indian hmmm… I see most people play the accelerated London all the time, like 😖

    Maybe I should quit on playing their line and go for queens Indian more, because 60% of games, I’ve lost in both queens gambit and London.

  12. This thing of actually seeing the bigger context instead of worrying about losing pieces is something i need to work at, seeing these opportunities to turn a game in my favour.

  13. Just found.your channel, love the way you explain things. Subscribed!

  14. The best way to call this is basically playing the game on the diagonal

  15. I love London it really helps to attack quickly, and most of the time opponent blunders a lot…

  16. I like your Teaching Style ❤😅, Thanks 🙏👍🎉❤

  17. Longest 10 minutes of my life. Great vid though! I learned a lot

  18. 11:34 what if the opponent takes on f5? What are the plans after that?

  19. 2:23 who takes the queen back with the king when the knight can take back that way you dont lose your castling rights and prefent te fork

  20. In the first minutes I thought you were an AI because of your envasion on reels

  21. Dude I've watched everyone and this is one of the best, most concise explanations I've ever heard! I really like Daniel Naroditsky as well but even he can talk above my head and even talk above other grandmasters heads lol.

  22. Very informative and great energy. Thank you for the lessons

  23. Your explanation of this openning is great! Please make more like this.

  24. Great video. The best King's Indian Defense introductory video I've seen.

  25. nice now im all covered kings indian for d4 karo cann for e4 and for white evans or fried liver

  26. Brodar can u pls make video on benoni?😭😭

  27. Timestamps would help your nice videos

  28. Interesting you are a good teacher some great tips I am going to start playing this it’s a very unique and fun opening

  29. Learn king's indian defense in 10 minutes. And the video is 22 minutes long😂

  30. this is one of my fav chess vids ever idk why 😅ur vibe is the best, im gonna check out the rest of the videos

  31. I've been practising the King's Indian for over a year now, and always ran into issues developing unmolested.

    It got worse recently as i started playing online more frequently, so this was a big help. I'm already familiar with the opening, so i shouldn't take long with developing my solid counters to all those eager beavers in online chess 😈

  32. Excellent recap of the KID in just 20 mins, it is the best video I've seen on YouTube about it. Thank you so much.

  33. Ur explanation is just awesome bro. Love u. Iam subscribing ur channel for ur explanation…………

  34. Love this video. The aggressive ideas in KID shown here have not been covered in any other video. These are great for faster time controls.

  35. Lol the video itsself is 20 minutes long😂 btw great video✨

  36. Opening move is 20 positions, move 2 is 400 etc.

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