Learn the King’s Indian Defense with Hikaru

Hikaru continues his series of teaching openings using subscriber games.

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  1. This is my go to lol if I play as black i premove my knight fornmy first move everytime no matter what 😆

    Time to really double down on em!

  2. This and the caro kann are my best defenses as black, im happy to say hikaru has taught me how to be a monster with the KID defense

  3. I just learned the KID from the world's #2 chess player 👍

  4. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov Lost on time, he won our hearts in your Game with Him

  5. For low rated Players King's Indian ain't that good cuz we can't support it with our skills but it's fun to play it tbh

  6. LOL, Ben Dover was a classic playground joke in England.

  7. He goes soooo fast lol. It's seems like autopilot lol. Superb lessons!

  8. Today I won my first game with King's indian after watching this video.

  9. More like Hikarus Indian Defense Eat the juicer variation, it stands for HIDE. Because, you better hide when you see a 800 doing Bongcloud

  10. @GMHikaru
    best coach
    the way he explained every move win my heart
    ❤keep it up
    waiting for the moment when he is the world champion🎉❤

  11. my guy got the slick back hair that used 1 bottle of gel

  12. Watching such a video is amazing. We live in a era that allow us to have the best chess player of our time to give us a chess lesson completely for free

  13. I'm such low level in chess I don't even absorb this information 😭

  14. sir your are the one goats of chess plz create videos on kings indian defence of all varitions

  15. kings indian pretty much work for everything, doesnt matter what ur opponent plays, you can always use kings indian

  16. Lmao I played this when I went against my sister and I didnt even know it. I was just trying out different openings to test stuff out. I had no idea what I was doing and sacked it a little but I survived that game

  17. Watched the video just to go and get smoked by an ai 😭

  18. I think it’s neat that he points out what I figured out on my own.

    I’m not good enough to win with the Grunfeld defense.

  19. No idea who this is but he just won this 2023 “bullet” championship beating Magnut Carlton using the fee-on-kettle strategy

  20. I watched this 1 time and now im at 2000elo

  21. Haha damn a 1900 is just an intermittent huh. Then what I'm I? 😭😭

  22. I need like 5 coffees for his tempo of explaining xD

  23. Please teach me chess I want to be a GM

  24. I've started playing the King's Indian Defense. It can lead to some interesting games. Still not up to par with it yet, but from the lines that I have seen so far, it can result in some interesting matches.

  25. How does a 1200 not know how to mate with queen and king?

  26. Learning how to play the King Indian Position. Very solid.

  27. Like I understand everything he’s sayin but there’s just no way I would possibly think like this in a game . Usually my main goal is to hang a piece by accident.

  28. I’m sorry, but that pause before reading… “Ben’s” name killed me 😂

  29. No-one with a name like Hikaru Kamikaze should be speaking with that whoa dude accent.

  30. Me following Hikaru lessons:
    Oh yes, perfect. Oh that's nice. Okay understood. Crystal clear

    Me playing real-game:
    Blunder on move 3

  31. You can not learn from him, he makes it too difficult. just to admire him. I am sure he can simplified what is he saying but he is not his purpose!

  32. Dude hikaru you’re so fast I can’t understand

  33. This is a chess class worth millions atp 😂

  34. The way BaByYoDa checkmates with the queen, he seemed to be using the queen as a rook, he probably only learned how to checkmate with a rook

  35. As a high intermediate player this is perfect for me

  36. Well in 9.Nd2 g sytem not even 12…b6 is best but similar ideas may check out Portisch games but Black can refute this i found already 1991 sadly nobody played 9.Nd2 system against me they allways played Ne1! supporting b4 c5 plan s drom Nd3, thats correct 9.Nd2 is strange and not best

  37. Hikaru Nakamura knows that his ganes are live on Norwegian TV? 😂 From Budapest

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