Learn the Dutch Defense Setup | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Learn the Dutch Setup in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. Correction the thumbnail says 10 munite but it's 7 munite and 1 second you're welcome

  2. 3:17
    took me a few seconds to realize that this position is literally just the blackmar diemer, but black took with the f pawn instead of the d pawn

  3. Can you explain this in a more clear way? For people who have never used many or any openings before

  4. Yikes! I have a ways to go with my openings, but playing f5 makes me feel a draft like I have ripped a big hole in the back of my pants. Closing that diagonal has a similar sense of urgency for me, I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'll learn the main lines, but it's not going to make my top 5. I definitely like the French better and the Czech seems promising as well, some late intermediate players I know are having success with the English for Black. And there is the mighty Caro-Kann and Sicilian for a later day.

  5. So 3:14 queen h5 then bishop e2 and the dutch is kinda dying

  6. I know caro-kann and dutch now. It's good to know defence against queen pawn

  7. The only problem with the Dutch Defence is that you need more MONEY

  8. Thank you so much for these videos. These are amazing. Your teaching style seems to agree with me and that's the best. Love these openings videos. I never have a clue when playing.

  9. You know, I see a lot of constructive conversation about the topic, along with many chess related questions for the presenter. But what I don't see much of is discussion about fruit. The man asked you all a question. Bananas, Levy. Bananas.

  10. I know I’m late but mango and kiwi are the goat and boat respectively

  11. This is the first video I watched of yours over a year ago. I apologize that it is at least my 3rd time watching it before liking it.

  12. I'm only here because of red Dead Redemption 2, thanks.

  13. hey i was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to play the dutch against e4, because i really like this opening but i see e4 in like 80% of my games and my only backup is scandinavian and i dont like playing it anymore. if you know if theres a way to play the dutch against e4 please comment and let me know

  14. GothamChess: Do Vienna , Caro Kaan and Dutch
    Me: Plays
    Me Now: Bad Openings I will do the English , King's Indian Defense , Anti-London and Najdorf Sicilian

  15. Austin Power's father hates the Dutch.

  16. Accidentally found the Dutch and it became one of my favorite black openings. But I go D6. Gotham thoughts on doing that for having the bishop cover f5 then putting the king Knight to F6, I have had some decent success with it but I'm at 700-800 ello

  17. Wow look at 2 year ago levy just as awesome as present day levy 👌👌

  18. Why there's no one answer his question about favourite fruit

  19. Is this a good opening to learn for a 1100 player?

  20. I'm missing the 3 mins to be a grandmaster for dutch

  21. But there are also videos on trap in dutch defence. After seeing that this looks too risky

  22. Favorite fruit is pineapple or strawberrys. Frozen blueberries are good too

  23. Known from the saying.. if somebody plays that, for g s sake don t stop em..

  24. What do you suggest when white plays bishop g5 as second move?

  25. Raspberries and pomegranates are my favorite fruits😋

  26. how if white start with e4 first, should black start with g6 and after that develop f5?

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