Learn King’s Gambit with Hikaru!

Hikaru explains the King’s Gambit opening through two GM games.

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  1. Anyone else started counted how many times Hikaru said: "Because this is a blitz game and I'm trying to follow basic themes"?

  2. now everyone knows how to counter my favorite white opening 🙁

  3. must feel reallllllllllllllllly good to have a teacher like Hikaru-sensei

  4. Thanks for these awesome chess strategy lessons! The thought process going into a move is simply mind boggling. Looking forward to more of these opening lessons.

  5. Your channel is great. Thank you so much for all your work — we chess plebes appreciate you!

  6. You made me remind that metaphore about the greatness of water flowing from the very top to the lowest regions where no one is interested to be. I can't evaluate your moves, but I don't need that to realize that you're a Master in and out of the Arena. Thank you.

  7. The "welcome back" is getting higher and higher pitch 😂

  8. ive used this opening for years now and still this is helpful thankyou GMHikaru

  9. Magnus may be the better player but Hikaru more than makes up for it with his content

  10. a fellow of infinite jest,
    of most excellent fancy

  11. 15:12 "It's worth noting, Bf2 is a move" Welcome to GMHikaru Recaps

  12. Does Hikaru like the comments himself? I’m assuming it’s the editor.

  13. if it were queen gambit with that same thumbnail that would be a big boo boo

  14. It is worth noting that that's all she wrote.

  15. Wow one of the best chess players ever teaching you openings! I'll still be 800 but this is awesome

  16. Where is the merch! I want a hoodie that says “it’s worth noting”

  17. Thank you for recording this even though you had to restart it!

  18. hikaru must be tired of playing this "yawn" :)))

  19. So the sound fiinally caught up with Hikaru's upload speed

  20. Hey Hikaru, why can't I just take the pawn on c6 straightaway after he pushed it. Looks like a free pawn to me

  21. Why did it change from back rank to ice skater

  22. Hikaru is a great teacher. This is truly amazing. He's calm, but energetic. Thank you!

  23. What’s the reason for the back rank name change?

  24. I was so confused when I tried to watch the first video. Thought my audio was busted, and then the video just disappeared.

  25. Now it’s worth noting that I found the video very enjoyable👍🏼

  26. hey can you do one of these on the modern defense?

  27. I’m a beginner and can barely match up with Martin bot, but I’ll get there! Thank you for teaching us the way!!!!

  28. Thank you Hikaru. So glad to see all your successes due to your hard work and commitment. I been your fan since 2010 (unrated) and now that I am 1800+, I certainly apprexiate what you do for fans like me a lot more.

  29. Stop teaching people my opening I want to surprise them

  30. Enjoyed this video a lot! I'd love to see a video on the nimzoindian and bogoindian in the future

  31. Always wondered why kings gambit and other openings fell out of favor, would be cool to see analysis of games that refuted the old openings and how stockfish would react to those refutations now

  32. Thanks Hikaru I hope to get stronger watching your strategy!

  33. I LOVE how sarcastic and condicending the intro is 😂


  34. Finally the video that I always wanted. Im preparing for my first ever tournament and think I will try this. Im pianist and composer, but also self taught chess amateur. You really gave me a lot in terms of chess understanding and simple good energy and humor. Thank you Hikaru your content is simply amazing!! Greetings and tons of love from Poland! ❤️

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