Learn Chess Opening Tricks and Relax ♔ ASMR

Learn some good opening tricks – both how to use them and defend against them.
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  1. I found this channel today and it is really amazing ❤️❤️

  2. At 7:26 why wouldn't the black pawn just take the white pawn if you put it there

  3. Love this!! Please do more of them, interesting to see the strategy but so relaxing at the same time

  4. Play at 1.5x speed for normal lecture.

  5. Where do you get a chess set like that?

  6. Great content idea! A little oops at 15:58 or so in the Budapest. I think you gave white an extra move. Nice video regardless.

  7. In queens gambit what if he captures the pawn on a4?

  8. I recommend to stay away from the queens gambit until 1200+. It's too much theory for a beginner and can mess up very easily. Thats just my opinion you can play whatever you want.

  9. Ok… Now I can learn the Sicilian defense in my dream.

  10. I love you Channel I was supposed to sleep but i opened my eyes and began listening to the teacher

  11. jorah mormont dig some great chess skills

  12. absolutely adore your vids – the best chess commentary ever! more endgame strategies, pls!🥰

  13. I have a question:
    In the Queens gambit, what if they defend their paw with be6?

  14. Yes it is very nice but is it fair that white gets a free move in the Budapest gambit?

  15. I just encountered this channel and have to say: This is awesome!

    Btw imagine you would play a game with Yasser Seirawan and record it 😀

  16. Another level, broke the elitism. Chess is open source for anybody. Hope it will increase competition and cooperation to find a lots of best move in this century.

  17. I'm in the middle of a tournament and then next round is in a week, I've been doing well so far but I needed to learn more openings and this definitely will help, thanks!

  18. I'm so glad I came across this channel!

  19. I'm ironically enough not learning anything cuz you making me sleepy

  20. Send us a link to that chess board!! I want it .

  21. Dude. Love the way you teach. Subbed. Keep the vids coming.

  22. i would like to donate lamp or any lightings to your chanel, ur voice scared us though…

  23. What is this video and why is this so satisfying?

  24. Hello Sir!I really like your channel!Chess+ASMR?This must be my dream!Also,this chess board seems to make nice sounds,so triggering.

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