Learn An Easy Chess Opening System And Relax ♔ ASMR ♔ The Colle System

Learn an easy and intuitive chess opening with me.

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  1. As a Belgian person I'm very proud of Colle

  2. I definitely found what I was looking for

  3. I appreciate the historical context you provide for the games you showcase 🙂

  4. Hi, how do you get 10 % off? Only got around 5 % using Link. From 529 to 499…

  5. I don't remember seeing that top view angle before? Got a new setup?

  6. Heck yeah mr chess! The colle system rocks!

  7. The history ones are my fave, your storytelling is the best along with the magnificent games showcased

  8. There is no better feeling than watching a new ASMR Chess video

  9. How long have you been doing videos?

  10. That is the nicest chess set I’ve seen in a while! Are those the fide championship pieces?

  11. Yesss this has been my opening for five years I’ve won many tournaments with it

  12. I swear I dont know how to sleep on this its to loud pls try whispering

  13. I've always wanted to learn the colle. What's the best way to do it? Chess ASMR.

  14. Video on the kings gambit mabye? Please its my favourite opening and it has helped me get to 1400 elo

  15. Cool video like always!
    P.S. If you don't mind me asking, do you have a FIDE Rating?

  16. King g6 seemed very daring to me. The king seemed very safe in the Qf6 line.

  17. Chess openings might be my favourite videos of this channel. I got so much better lately with a strong opening.

  18. The Colle opening is one of my favourites. I learned it as a beginner and really taught me patience and the importance of good pawn formation and understanding how to attack correctly. One move that also looks interesting here is at 9:00 instead of developing the knight to D2, Developing the bishop to D2 then developing the Queen to C2 would create some interesting possibilities aswell.

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