Learn An Easy Chess Opening System And Relax ♔ ASMR ♔ The Colle System

Learn an easy and intuitive chess opening with me.

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  1. Following along with these opening videos on my own board is so fun after a long day of work/daily life. Thank you for your help!

  2. I really like that you tell a story at the beginning of the video, as well as you having a camera that has a bird's eye view on the board 😀

  3. Was the London based of of this because they’re very similar

  4. dude I remember watching when you had 5K subs. Amazing to see the growth and I’m glad to have been along for the ride 🤙

  5. Can we get some more games on that 1200 dollar board they gave you?

  6. My favourite Channel on YouTube bar none!

  7. Please continue with the history behind the game. It makes me so much more invested in the openings. Your storytelling is phenomenal too.

  8. Qf6 is correct as although the fork and then the Qe7 move causes the black king to lose its escape square, if the knight attempts its attack on h7 again with mate threat on Qh8 after Qh7 check, the knight can swoop in on f6 and prevent a perpetual with the queen and knight moving back and forwards.

  9. Your content is getting better day by day. Could you please make a video on the scotch opening? Love your content❤

  10. My father always liked Cole, wouldn’t stop talking about him. Glad I learned more in this video, he’s fascinating

  11. At 29:25, you missed a faster checkmate with the knight moving to f7

  12. Thank you. So stressed today. Trying not to yell at everyone! This is going to help me 😅

  13. I really want this chess set, but it’s so expensive😢

  14. 25:00 I think putting the king out is a bad idea. I can see a lot of queen checks, discovered checks, and a royal fork happening. It's like running the king around with checks to its eventual checkmate. At least when the king goes back, the queen can defend that weak pawn and the king easily escapes!

    Edit: Nvm the pawn can block 😔

  15. After W Rook moves to E1, would B have been better moving pawn from C5 to C4 to disrupt the triangle & threaten the W bishop at D3?

  16. I LOVE your videos, the only thing that i suggest you to change are the blue lights

  17. bro. love you. thank you for showing one of my favorite openings to play. 🙏

  18. I forgot to comment this yesterday, but thanks for the birthday gift!

    Ive wanted to properly learn about the Colle system for a while but havent had an excuse to as of yet, and your videos are such a huge incentive! And it was my birthday so of course I’m taking it personally, lol.

    Thanks for contributing to my growth as a player!

    (And my healthy sleep)

  19. When are you going to do face reavel

  20. At 24:00 it definitely seemed that the best move is to go back. And then i really wanted to know the definite answer. So I analyzed the position.

    Apparently, if the black king goes backwards (which is the correct move), in the end black is forced to give the bishop back. So Colle's bishop sacrifice was just a really long and convoluted trade.

  21. I hit a rating of 600 for the first time yesterday! Not a huge feat but I still owe it all to your videos. Ty!!

  22. Actually, Ding Liren used whats called the London system, the difference between the two is that the London has a bishop on f4 however the Colle system doesn’t the acclerated london is with bf4 before nf3 if you think that is the London.
    I like the old board, please do another video with the old pieces and board.
    Edit: 5:00 Ding liren played bf4 before e3

  23. I love the snippets of history as well as the Birds Eye view camera angle! Keep up the amazing work❤❤❤

  24. Love this Mr. Chess. I will try this one out!!

  25. Hello sir. I love these videos. I usually prefer whispered ASMR instead of soft-spoken ASMR for sleep. Is there a possibility that you make a video where you only whisper? Or maybe whisper in half of the video? If you could do that, it would mean the world to me. Thank you very much for your ambitious videos all these years, you deserve way more subscribers for your effort all these years! Love from the Netherlands

  26. Can you do a whispered only video please?

  27. The Colle system looks very similar to the London system from what I can tell. The main difference I see is that the black bishop stays inside the pawn chain as opposed to outside the chain. So many intricacies in this position that were explained very soothingly, thanks again for an amazing video!

  28. Love your opening videos, can you make more opening videos?

  29. I like the addition of the overhead angle a lot more than the previous side angles! It helps for visualization for me since playing online simulates an overhead view.

  30. This opening annoys me to no end because a good friend of mine always plays it and it's so hard to create any sort of winning chances with black against it.
    It's just so sound!

  31. Fascinating. Idk how to play chess though 😂

  32. i think bishop h5 in that position would be devestating for black but lmk if im wrong bc im not that good

  33. It would be super cool to have a playlist of all you black-focused videos

  34. may i know what is the chess board called? great video tho!

  35. Hi ! I just discovered the game Tal-Larsen 1965 and I would love if you could do a video about it. I know you love Tal, you love Larsen, and you love brilliant attacking games. The game is analyzed in My great predecessors, in the Games and life of Mikhail Tal, and in "Sicilian attacks", and i'm pretty sure that you have at least one of those books.

    The only downside I see to it is that it's another loss for your fellow countrymen ^^

    Cheers !

  36. Here sir, I think you dropped something 👑

  37. I don’t know how you stayed under wraps for 8 years you deserve the recent success

  38. is anyone gonna talk about that he has a world champion set

  39. It’s almost like Bird’s opening but witha much less powerful Bishop on the black C square, but this opening has a wider range tho.

    hmm, maybe a vid analysis on Bird’s opening, but with the role playing narrations?

  40. ive recently decided to learn chess in an attempt to surprise my partner (who is obsessed with it) and im so happy to have found your channel. i like ASMR but am just new to chess and its world so this is the perfect way for me to find interest in this game =)

  41. Love all your videos but did see that going back is not a good choice at least i think
    The Qf6 idea doesn't work for close to what u said but i missed something first white plays Qh7+ Kf8 and then Ne4 and now if the queen goes back to e7 then Qh8# is mate and if queen goea back to d8 then Qh8+ Ke7 Bg5+ f6 Qxg7# is mate. Best line k think after Ne4 is Qg6 and i see Qxg6 fxg6 Nxd6 and then the rook moves and u trade of f the knight for the bishop then do cxd4 and white is up by 1 pawn and black has a doubled pawn 2 isolated pawns a very week king and very little devlopment tho white also has little devlopment and a isolated pawn but white is winning. Thats what i see anyways maybe theres better. Great video btw

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