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In this video, IM Alex Astaneh is bringing to you the key ideas of the Deutz Gambit. As the Deutz Gambit can lead into the Rosentreter Varation of the Italian Game, it is a dangerous weapon for white to surprise the opponent.

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  1. Simply excellent! You're a great teacher Alex!

  2. Thanks for this video. I know a fouple neeks who play this opening, I'll be ready for them next time

  3. As someone who has a pretty low rating (~400), I love to play the Deutz gambit. Found out that at least against ~400 rated players it works pretty well. The Rosentreter variation, as you said, causes mayhem for black (specially when they're low rated).It's been pretty easy for me to take control of the center and be pretty aggressive in the mid game. So I tend to go into the endgame with a nice advantage. Gotta keep studying though, because I need to expand my toolset.

  4. 19:36 If Bxb5 axb5, Nxb5 Bc4.Shouldn't the knight go to a7+? That way you could save both pieces.

  5. Congratulations Alex and thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. I really like and enjoy your videos, these are very clear and accurate and have been very useful because right now I am doing a deeper study on Italian opening, trying to select a couple of aggressive and dynamic variants (kind Gambito Evans, Deutz) and a couple of quieter and more positional variants (Giuoco Piano and Giuoco Pianissimo). Please I would be very gratefull if you have any suggestions for me. Best regards

  6. very nice and instructive with clear presentation

  7. In 5…Nxd4 is the second gambit 6.b4 playable?

  8. Thanks, Alex, for the well prepared video! If I may make a suggestion, please refrain from using the pronoun "he/his/him" when referring to the chess players playing the white and/or black pieces, if you could. I'd love nothing more than to see the game become even more popular and more inclusive to all genders and ethnicities. Cheers!

  9. Great video. I appreciate that you showed the gambit from both sides, and offered strong ideas from both white and black perspective.

    I came here after playing against the Deutz twice in a row. First game I blundered a knight, and the second game I managed to swindle a win, but I burned a ton of time in the opening 12 – 15 moves. Hopefully I can remember these main ideas and have a more enjoyable experience against the Deutz next time.

  10. Hi Dear Teacher Alex,
    Your videos and chessfactor initiative of free content chess are GREAT and helps me a lot to improve my technique and also great for the people who have not money to subscribe other sources of chess or buy books. I've already donated 5 euros and I hope that will donate much more!
    Besides I have just a little question in 19:42 , can we save material with an intermediate check of Na7, or not?
    All the bests!

  11. I'm addicted to learning Italian Game gambits in bed on YouTube at 1am

  12. 6:30 This my first game against Rosentreter. And I a little analyzed with engine after the game. Today again "me vs Rosentreter" I remembered that g5 is bad move but I wondered my opponent's reaction to g5. And he immediately played f4!. That's why I am here. πŸ™‚ Very beneficial video. Thanks Alex!

  13. As Bobby Fischer has said, chess is a game of memory. A computer with a large memory capacity and a faster speed will always win.

  14. Why doesn't black push the bishop away with its pawn after white plays 9. Bg5. Without the f2 pawn it seems you would not have the pitfalls for black that the rosentreter has

  15. At 9:42 you don't have to take on f6, you can also play Qd2, with the idea to sac the exchange with Rxf6, leading to interesting complications

  16. Thanks for that. I had to turn the speed up to 1.5 though because I felt your teaching speed was dragging on a bit. Thanks all the more though. appreciate your time creating this.

  17. I faced a 13 year old recently who learned the duetz gambit and got me into tricky position (partly because i wasn't paying attention) so thank you. This will be a tremendous help❀.

  18. Wow your voice is great,do you sing also

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