Italian Game – Chess Openings

The Italian Game, one of the oldest openings in chess, can be both aggressive and extremely passive. We look at all the variations you need to know to play the Italian game to fit your style of play.

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  1. Set Playback speed to 0.25. Wish you a lot of fun though.

  2. what do you do in the fired liver attack when black plays night a5

  3. 10:24 "even don't get involved with this"
    Me, an amateur:
    Bxg8 Rxg8
    Kf7 forks King and Queen

    You're welcome

  4. He sounds like Drean from minecraft

  5. Just found out I've been playing the Italian game for my entire life without knowing it

  6. 1:27 u can move the b2 pawn to b4 and turn it into the evens gambit as well

  7. Playing for a draw in chess especially as white is despicable

  8. The Italian game opening is quite fun because it’s fast paced and aggressive. Until you castle, F7 is a real weak spot for black you can manipulate.

    If you don’t see it coming you can use the Italian opening to win in 4 moves using queen and Bishop.

  9. played this today. almost won but computer crashed

  10. Anyone know what to play after Bc4 and then pawn f3?

  11. 7:21 you can go into the fries liver attack again as your bishop is defending the g5 square

  12. Came here to see the next moves of the fried liver but you kept it short 🙁

  13. I love the content, but would suggest since the videos are educational, it would be great to slow down the pace of narration.

  14. Late to the party, but I just started picking up chess. Very nice introduction to the system.

  15. At 10:00, couldn't you take the F7 pawn with the knight to fork the Rook and Queen? Even if the Queen attacks, that Rook is stuck.

    I shouldn't sound so critical, this is a very well-made video. I always shoot for the Fried Liver but didn't realize that's a branch off of the Italian. Now I know!

  16. this is exactly what I was looking for … now I will lose 200 ELO points trying it

  17. Bro, please slow down the speech this isn't an auction. Had to keep rewinding to take notes.

  18. I play same opening but from D4

  19. 9:59 Why doesn't he take the f7 pawn with the knight? The Queen and rook will be forked, and he gets to win a rook.

    Edit: timestamp

  20. Ive deff played this a couple times without knowing

  21. God video it is interesting the way you interprete

  22. This is a video on my favorite opening, made on my 5th birthday!

  23. You're not gonna cover Legal's mate? After pawn D6?

  24. Love the Evan's so I play the Italian a lot. Gotta learn about the openings you play if you wish to succeed with them

  25. 7:02 how to play when oponent play the so called paris defence.

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