Introduction to the Queen’s Indian Defense · Chess Openings

The Queen’s Indian Defense is an extremely strong opening system for black. It’s versatile, flexible, gives great attacking chances, and it doesn’t create many weaknesses.

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In this introductory video on the Queen’s Indian we are going to be covering the basics of the opening, the plans and ideas for both sides, as well as common theoretical variations you have to be aware of. Each of these will then be covered in a detailed separate video.

The Queen’s Indian starts after 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 b6, but it could be reached by many different move orders, and many openings could transpose into it (the Nimzo, some English variations, the QGD, etc.). It’s an opening system rather than a separate opening. Unlike very theoretically strict openings like the Caro-Kann, the QID is a system because it’s the patterns and ideas that matter much more than the exact move orders.
You can enter the Queen’s Indian and then you play the system. You play the pawn breaks, you play for the known weaknesses and attacking maneuvers.

That is what makes it one of the most versatile and useful chess openings for black. It’s an opening you can play with little previous knowledge, but it can also be studied for years before being mastered. It can serve as a whole repertoire for black against d4.



  1. Plz make a series on kings indian attack for white

  2. Doesnt this just transpose into a classical dutch?

  3. Can you please make a Video about the Bogo Indian Defense

  4. Honest comment : your accent is quite different ,if you can speak little bit louder and clear it would be wonderful

  5. Great video, what's the reason b6 is rarely played on move 2 instead of e6?

  6. Do you have any videos on the K.I.A? If you don't, I would appreciate it if you made one!

  7. Thanks for another instructive video series. I think your advice (around 9:40) to adopt a Queen's Indian set-up against any White response to the Nimzo-Indian Defense is very sound for most players. I've played the Nimzo-Indian for years, trying different variations at times and never quite knowing what I'm doing. For players below Master level, adopting one set-up (Queen's Indian) makes a lot of sense. Then, also playing QID against Nf3 is a system you'll already know. Learn it well and play it consistently.

  8. Wtched this video, and then tryed to play my first Queens Indian, got a Nimzo-Indian Defense: St. Petersburg Variation, 5.Nf3 Bb7 but no matter, my first win with these kind of ideas xD, thank you

  9. Best chess vids on youtube. Maybe you fixed it, but do you have a shock absorber on your mic? I can really hear when you r punching the keys adjusting the board.

  10. I love your videos man. So simple and informative. Love from India!!

  11. Whats the difference/Pro/Con of the queens indian defense vs kings indian defense? Which one do you perfer vs which white opening? And which one do you suggest for a 1400 player to learn?

  12. Your videos used to be very fun to watch, however recently they've been so full of ads and it's getting very frustrating to follow the ideas (had to endure 6 ads during this one). To be honest right after posting this comment I'm going to search for some other source of chess tutorials (which is unfortunate considering how informative your materials are).

  13. Sir, will u make a video on english opening

  14. Stjepane, svaka cast druze. Dobro si objasnio sve cak i nama pocetnicima.

  15. What would I do if I wanted to learn openings 2 years ago…

  16. Is the Queens Indian as playable against King’s pawn openings?

  17. I love your videos and appreciate them. I, of course, want you to make money off of them, but there are so many commercials that it really interrupts the flow of the tutorial. Perhaps you could cut back on them a tad? They're literally every few minutes. Thanks for considering, and for all that you do!

  18. These videos are what I needed you are amazingly helpful!

  19. Hello, my name is Alex and i wanted to say your putting up amazing content but you can avoid the catalan with 2.b6 not 2.e6 thats a of avoiding the nimzo and the catalan (avoiding the nimzo so you dont have to learn it). (and the catalan because its just soo much theory and why would you allow your oponnent to get a ultra solide setup.

  20. Thanks, very helpful. I was a little confused at @13:55, because you say "we already fianchettoed the bishop" and you have the bishop on g2 in the image, and you point at it while you say it. In reality the bishop is still on f1 at this point (since we are looking at responses to Ba6, and also playing e3 would do nothing to protect the pawn if the bishop was on g2). What I think you meant was that since g3 was already played, there are too many weaknesses. Am I understanding correctly?

  21. might be the best like dislike ratio on the internet

  22. “It’s the second most popular move but people don’t really play it”

  23. I know I am commenting on an old video, but I wanted you to know your opening explanations excellent.

  24. Your opening overviews videos are always cool and lovely, thanks!!

  25. stjepan can you cover the queens indian defence: the nakamura system?

  26. I love your thumbnails so much! they are excellently done

  27. Very beautiful and great knowledgeable explanations sir. Thank you👍

  28. best explained of all on yt 🙂 thx

  29. 4:04 both side are going to fart 😂😂. Joke aside best chess channel

  30. I love the queen's Indian defense Rajesh attack variation

  31. The best video I've watched that you have done.

  32. I see people playing the Bogo Indian but not the Queen's Indian

  33. Are you from Croatia? Great video, keep up the good work

  34. Just found the channel and I’m crushing with Queens Indian, thanks

  35. It seems as though the QID is enhanced against the English since you can get in Nc6 before d4 and even go Na5 for a c5 break idea if d4 is pushed after. Is this a correct assessment?

  36. I really like the description and the fashion in which you go over the moves and the rationale. So many don't get to the point and go off on rants and variants. i really like your style of explanation.

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