Introduction to the Dutch Defense 路 Chess Openings

The Dutch Defense is one of the most fun, aggressive and versatile opening choices for black against 1.d4.

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The Dutch Defense is a very powerful weapon to add to your repertoire. It鈥檚 an opening system rather than an opening with an exact move order, and it can be reached via many different moves, and played against many different openings white chooses.

It can be employed against the Reti, English, and even Nimzo-Larsen, but the main line Dutch is played against d4.

The idea behind the Dutch is to challenge the center straight away by playing f5, thus taking control of the e4 square, and making it very hard for white to expand in the center. The downside of the move f5 is that it weakens the black king in more ways than one. It weakens the seventh rank, and both diagonals looking at f7.

Both sides have plenty of options at their disposal after the starting moves 1.d4 f5. White could choose to enter the main lines, but he could also play the London system (with Bf4), the Raphael variation (with Nc3), the aggressive Staunton Gambit (with e4, giving up a pawn), or the Hopton attack (Bg5). The normal way for white to play, though, is with c4, g3 and Bg3.

Against these main setups for white black can choose between three different systems withing the Dutch defense; the Leningrad Dutch, the Classical Dutch, and the Stonewall Dutch.

The Leningrad Dutch is a combination of classical and hyper-modern chess openings. It combines central control with quick piece development and a kingside fianchetto.
The Classical Dutch is the most flexible, least committal, and very similar to the QID in its nature. One of its main downsides is the bad e7 bishop.
The Stonewall Dutch is the riskiest of all three systems. It鈥檚 also most aggressive 鈥 an opening in which black either wins or loses. Draws are veeery rare.

I am going to be covering each of the systems and variations in separate videos in the series. I hope you enjoy it!



  1. As a casual player, I like this style. It often trips up most people I play against, as it's not normally used. But yes, for those advanced players it's not a problem when they see it.

  2. thankyou for giving the theory for free and not selling any paid cource

  3. So how do you play the Dutch against the Bird????

  4. We are very lucky you share your videos with the world freely thank you sir

  5. if you can force blacks bishops off the board the stone wall becomes very strong.

  6. I would say, this is simply the BEST channel about chess, no doubt about that

  7. I love this channel because I can learn english and chess at the same time^^. I make videos of chess in spanish, if you want to try with a new language hehehe, see you Stephan!!

  8. 袝褉邪褋褘谢 袣邪斜写褘褉邪褕懈褌 says:


  9. feel slightly rute asking, but will there be video about the catalan?

  10. This opening reminds me of a student I had back in my high school chess club, he was really talented and I decided to choose him as my student(we were divided into mentors and students depending on whether or not we knew how to play) because I was the strongest player in school and I tried my best to teach him chess despite being a 1400, he got really good but stopped playing after the semester was over, I wonder if he would've kept playing if he had a better teacher

  11. I had a constant struggle with playing black against 1.d4
    I tryed …d5, the Kings Indian, the Nimzo Indian, etc. For some time I already played the dutch, and it really was madness. Either I won pretty cool or got beaten pretty badly xD
    Now I really am looking forward to this series, because I never had the feeling that I understood the Dutch enough to play it as my main choice, and maybe I can change that by studying your videos (I really do stop every minute and write something down in my own opening book). I absolutly love your content. I enjoyed it when I started roughly two years ago and did not fully grasp everything you said and I can enjoy it even more today. Thank you for all the effort, I appreciate it so much and I am sure tons of people feel the same way!

  12. When are you planning on doing 1c4 openings?

  13. I always play dutch..

    I always watch your videos..

  14. Today only i destroyed white when he played staunton gambit

  15. i play and study only Dutch (and Bird openings) with the 3 variations (Classical, Leningrad and Stonewall), so i can only be happy to finally have the series on my favorite channel.
    The relative level i play, my opponents don't know about these openings then it's a quite good weapon to be specialized in. Furthermore, they are dynamic and leads to interesting games.

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