Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit (real opening)

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This is the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit, a chess opening that anyone should try. It may work better for beginners, but it’s definitely good chess theory to know for everybody. It can be played in the Tennison Gambit. Subscribe for more chess videos.


  1. This opening requires a very specific sequence of events that are very unlikely to occur.

  2. Straight up… it worked first try. Like wtf this is a work of art 😂😂😂

  3. if you're 1800 and over you should most definitely not play this.

  4. I watched this video and decided to try it
    And somehow i met a player that is doing exactly the same thing
    And we decided to make it a draw in like 15 seconds
    Just like the missiles in real life

  5. Lore error at 0:18. The Bishop does not have a family, he is celibate as he has received priestly orders.

  6. I don't play Chess but this was actually funny

  7. The funny thing is the pawn and bishop ask to not be sacrificed while the knight just accepted their fate

  8. honestly not a good opening im just 700 elo but this isnt recomended

  9. i tried use this againts martin and he does not fall for it

  10. What if they use their pawn instead to defend that hanging pawn😮

  11. Make a way on how to survive in many occasions, it's kind of important if you're playing against a smartass.(This popped up on my recommendations, lol)

  12. I subscribed to you because of this masterpiece, thank you for teaching me the ICBM Gambit.

  13. If you know about the moves it's really easy to counter and then white is in a much worse position.

  14. Can never do this opening, everytime without fail whoever I'm playing against, goes E5 instead gets queen out and royally fs me

  15. Most of my opponents use their queen side bishop to defend their pawn

  16. None of my opponents play any of the moves in the video lol

  17. could t you just move bishop to c4 and get checkmate at 1:13

  18. I've tried this in like 4 games but everyone didn't fall for it

  19. It's a very specific opening, so you're unlikely to get it.

  20. This video inspired me to get back into chess, I played like 7 games waiting for this to play out, the first time it did my opponent resigned right after hahahah

  21. I played with chess players who tried all sorts of shit. I play randomly as i see fit and usually ruin all these strategies. In my experience this shit works because chess players train by same mathematical rules.

  22. I want to know how the hot piece of garbage was created

  23. Bishop saying "I have a family" killed me. Funny for the Catholic gang only haha.

  24. it is countered easy by moving bishop to d7 after queen takes queen

  25. Omg this worked. I took a bishop and both rooks with the queen cause he was a dumbass.
    [Event "Online Game"]

    [Date "2024.06.26"]

    [Round "?"]

    [White "the_lumberjack"]

    [Black "Mustard1983"]

    [Result "1-0"]

    [FEN "rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq – 0 1"]

    [WhiteElo "662"]

    [BlackElo "677"]

    [Termination "the_lumberjack won by resignation"]

    1.Nf3 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.Ng5 f6 4.Nf7 Kxf7 5.d3 exd3 6.Bxd3 e6 7.Bg6+ Kxg6 8.Qxd8 Be7 9.Qxc8 Nh6 10.Qxh8 Nc6 {1-0}

  26. Looks and sounds impressive but it's actually a terrible strategy

  27. the pawn in front of the king can move up 2 and the queen can take the horse

  28. I actually do not know how to follow up after this. Guess I am just bad at chess

  29. In principle it makes total sense as a geopolitical strategy, must wait and see how it goes

  30. what to do if black moves bishop to f5 on 3rd turn to defend the pawn instead of knight to f6?

  31. It only works if if you’re playing against a someone who’s playing with a strategy😂

  32. I tried to do this opening but the oponent didn`t play the right moves and now I am 7 points behind and in a bad position.

  33. I've been doing gambits similar to this, but I've been calling them the " Fuck you I'm killing your wife. " Gambit.

  34. Ever since Bosnian Ape Society called this trap the ICBM Gambit, many people have been doing that. But few know that it's a variation of the Tennison Gambit or even a real opening. Many people have been making videos explaining it, but I found them kind of boring so I made my own version. This is just my own version and explanation of the gambit. Hope you enjoyed it.

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