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  1. An A pawn is a draw and Aipom is a Pokemon. Thanks

  2. Another reason why you need to keep your queen protected too

  3. Chess is becoming more of a cramming. Hate to see.

  4. Hey I got your book how to win at chess it’s so good my win rate went from 57% to 94%

  5. But once black king is on e8 can’t you just push up with king to c7? The enmesh king won’t have enough time to get to our pawn and it’s just a straight shot to queening.

  6. Bold of you to assime I can win with a queen

  7. 0:23 why push pawn , can't we also go kingC7
    That's even easier

  8. And then you stale mate with a queen😂

  9. Possibly the most helpful content ever???

  10. The second looks at ur pawn? But why is there's only 3 piece only? If a rook,bishop,black/white pawn near the layer of becoming a queen and a horsy alive yet how would u make it a queen?

  11. Its a hah not an Opposition an gm tould me that

  12. If you get a queen but the king is 1 square away, he gets your queen….

  13. Levy, I'm gonna need a series of you explaining chess lessons in caveman terms. And maybe even some of the world chess matches.

  14. ♟️💡🎳🕹️🖲️🔦🏮🕯️💍🌂✒️🖌️📍⌛⏳🔮

  15. Meh, after Ke8 just go Kc7 and whatever he plays you already have your red carpet, instead of needing to retake the opposition, way easier

  16. Bro this gye will force me to play chess 😂

  17. The king tragically lost his wife so he found a female pawn and decided he will groom her into a queen. When the king of another land saw this he wanted the female pawn too but if he came to close and was found by the other king, a war would start.

  18. You can actually push the pawn up twice in a row when black backed up, your king would be defending him from the diagonal. This gets you to the end 2 moves quicker, since your king only moves once up now and then when you queen yourself, the black king still has to backup into the corner since your white king has the diagonal coverage. But I get the point :p

  19. Queen: dies
    King: gotta marry someone new

  20. This is so easy first do you have to put the palm on the other team and then you have to choose queen because there’s queen Bishop rock at night that means you get a free queen if you already have a queen and if you get one more queen you have two more queens I’m good at chess also my class teacher told me about this in chess

  21. Basically king takes control of three squares in front of pawn before making pawn move….

  22. But what about promoting to, THE ROOOOK!!!?
    [camera shaking]

  23. “A or H is a draw”
    The pawns in A and H:”AH”

  24. A or H pawns are a draw? Not when playing against me, it isn't.

  25. Dave and Bambi fans: where's opposition expunged?

  26. Can't u just keep the pawn in the range of king's attack?

  27. Yeah but what if I’m black

    Pls dun call tha cops

  28. As long as the pawn is one next to the king it can't die

  29. Question: What if the black king moves diagonally back into view?

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