I Showed the Cow Opening to My Grandmaster Parents…


On my dad’s birthday I thought why not show him the opening I just invented… and here is the reaction!! 😀 Hope you enjoy the video and let me know in the comments down below how the cow opening is treating you!

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  1. My cheeks would hurt so much if I smiled as much as she does 😂 keep smiling!!

  2. I need to come up with a move that makes me not have cancer and my daughter loves me.

  3. the opening seems "exotic", but all three looks realy kind people…. lol

  4. Mom: there is some reason it hasn't beeen played

  5. All I can say is that I want to learn how to play chess because of Anna's enthusiasm.

  6. Jajajajaja tu padre es genialllll, molaría verlo jugar alguna partida en serio con tu madre por ejemplo, tremenda partida :O

  7. I really like watching you guys all together – great happy atmosphere 😃

  8. OMG I've played this opening as a kid! I love the symmetry and taking time to read the board before moving out with the pawns. This was great for me because I knew nothing about tactics of positions I always had to rely on calculating everything. Also the symmetry makes it easier to memorize the flow of the game.

  9. Anna Eres increíble, la soltura con tus parientes y esa gracia que tienes. y por supuesto lo profesional que eres. Se siempre tu. Un saludo desde las Islas baleares

  10. A wonderful opening indeed, for Black, as it is not easy to be better after 4 moves.

  11. What kind of viewers would need to be reminded of "my grandmaster" parents? If you do not know Pia Cramling and Juan Manuel Bellon you must change chess for Monopoly….These are our strange times…

  12. Best parents ever. Is anyone surprised Anna is such a good person?

  13. 😂 …yeah but… there is a reason why it's never been played before

  14. Look how her dad looks at her when she says "" this is the opening"!!

  15. A tu padre no le gusta tu apertura porque a él le encanta colarse con sus piezas hasta la cocina del tablero contrario y así parece que tengas miedo de ir a por el contrario.

  16. best birthday present for your father would have been some meatballs from ikea but no you decided to give him face palm induced headaches as a present

  17. La vaca que ríe. Waiting paciently for the new book: "The Cramling Cow Opening Variations".

  18. No se porque me estaba riendo tanto, anna disfrutó tanto explicar esta apertura que al final se comparte su felicidad jajajaj

  19. Your parents are a charming pair, and you only make the whole team better Anna.

  20. I don’t even play chess, but your videos just make me smile. Makes me want to start learning to play chess.

  21. haha I have 1000% played this opening many times before because I didn't think about whether it was good or bad I just liked the weird symmetry of it

  22. When I was learning at 10 years old I might have actually tried this or some other symmetric opening with my brother. We knew nothing.

  23. I wonder what their reaction would be when that young ppl come.out with names like "intercontinental ballistic missile attack" or "fried liver attack"

  24. I played the cow opening once and won. So my success rate is 100% with this opening.

  25. The parents be like "I'll turn you into a cow for real" 🤣

  26. Such subdued parents, such a dynamic daughter.

  27. I like how you get along with your parents. Good for you.

  28. lamento decirte que no inventastes nada…. yo mismo he hecho ese opening de niño sin nisiquiera saber
    jugar al ajedrez

  29. Should teach them the bong cloud opening

  30. The look on Anna's face after her mom said she didnt like the knights on B3/B6 6:58 🤣
    Mom got temporarily shunned after that.

  31. This opening in Spanish is called: PATATERO 🙂 Es broma, tienes mucha imaginación para hacer estos videos.

  32. It's like a 25 year old girl that goes to their parents and says "look i painted a rainbow"

  33. It is amazing how much parents endure just to show their love to their children. Este apertura debería llamarse La Vaca Perezosa que odia a los caballos y retrasa su desarrollo. ¡Muy divertido! This opening should be called "The Lazy Cow". The story is about a cow that hates knights and delays their development. Moo, go slowly, take it easy. Very funny!

  34. I played the opening yesterday and I won On line!! esta genial

  35. I didn't know her parents were grandmasters did she mention it in an earlier video?

  36. Your dad has a very spanish way of thinking, of just try it, and your mom is like, if nobody did it before, it's for a good reason.😅

  37. this would be horrible in blitz – the whole point is playing something they are not prepared for, so it beats the internet age of chess…

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