I Showed the Cow Opening to My Grandmaster Parents…


On my dad’s birthday I thought why not show him the opening I just invented… and here is the reaction!! 😀 Hope you enjoy the video and let me know in the comments down below how the cow opening is treating you!

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  1. My son was doing similar openings (but on our wooden chess) and I stopped him telling he should conquer the center and not moving the pawns only by one square. By the way i cannot play (I am between 200 and 300), just read on the manuals that one should conquer the center as soon as possible. Now i feel guilty because i stopped his creativity somehow.

  2. …i played this in high school many times as an idiot who never knew what he was doing and still dont

  3. lol your Mom's reaction when your Dad says he'll play it in a classical tournament really shows the relationship dynamic at work here. XD

  4. Jeez Anna, lower the volume on your poor father's ears, it's his birthday!

  5. tus padres flipando con tu episodio de esquizofrenia jajaja

  6. Anna: it's never been played before
    Mom: there are reasons why it hasn't been played before 😂

  7. Just by hearing you say “la vaca” i know you speak very good Spanish! 😲👍🏼

  8. Ummm Anna … there might be a reason why literally no one has ever played this opening? 😂

  9. Anna got her face from her mom and mind from her dad…😀

  10. Annas personality is just fantastic. She goes through the screen with her positive and curious attitude

  11. My oldest is a daughter, she's 14 years old. I was hoping she was becoming less slap-happy silly, but I guess this video shows me that I will have to wait until she's at least 35. The way she delivered the line at 4:24, it looked like she was doing everything in her power to convince her parents that it was a great idea by leaning forward, gesticulating with hands, arm gestures, and the biggest smile she could muster. Exactly like my daughter!

  12. I'm a low level player. The genius of the cow (I think) is.

    Not many people have seen the cow.

    They don't know how the cow moves.

    They don't know how the cow looks like.

    They don't know what the cow likes/dislikes.

    They don't know enough about the cow to reliably predict what the cow will do next, which grass the cow will eat next, how fast the cow will run so as to time our punches to hit the cow.

    The genius of the cow is I think, it's not a well-researched/well-seen move.

    People don't know enough about the cow.

    Also, because the pieces/arms/horses of the cows are close to the body, they can maneuver/switch directions easier than if the horses are further apart.

    The genius of the cow may be in the unpredictability of the start game, which decides the mid and end.

  13. I'd play it but I've invented my own openings as well, which have propelled me to a 1150 ratings, which then drops to a 1020 and goes up to a 1230, etc. so, sorry….

  14. This is soo funny and refreching for all old school plyers. Anna, you are making chess history !!!

  15. You show the world that chess can be amousment är fun !

  16. The parents are cool! But I believe that immediately after this little family session they went on the internet and googled out the nearest location where drug tests are being sold.

  17. Forget the cow 😂I know it’s hard to hear 😎

  18. I think this opening can actually be super good at 2000 and lower. Where people dont know any theory on the position while you have a lot of memory from what has happened in previous games and what to do.

  19. I know your dad is spanish because i perfectly understand his english and you still subtitled it 😂

  20. Mom and dad pretty much think it's the suicide opening 🤣😂 but dad will try it anyway! I'd do that too for my daughter 😉

  21. "we send her back to kindergarten – 12?" "Yes send her back from kindergarten – 12"

  22. the year is 2200 and a chess streamer has discovered this video

  23. We need a TV show about your family. I love your parents.

  24. I suspect once she grows up, Anna is gonna be one of the chess greats…. The entire chess world will know her, the "normal" world will prob hear of her.

  25. 4:25 I like how she said so proudly and they both look disappointed😂

  26. Its funny, found out about this streamer only today and i promise you i played few openings like that [cause i rather wanted opponent to open up while keeping my stuff practically unmoved] is still somewhat when i still actively played chess FOR FUN back in the 90/00's although i never played any online (had no internet connection until 2004). So to say its never been played ever seems like an overstatement to me but i get it, she counts only officiaI matches. Anyway I think I ended around 1400-1500.

    And fanbois before you jump at me keep in mind ive only played for fun to keep my brain busy and i liked it. Never studying any strategies / counter strategies etc cuz again..for fun.


  27. In The Ruy Lopez a common maneuver is to play a Knight tour to f5. I don't fully understand all it's profundities but maybe someone who did could use this opening to the same effect.

  28. I think someone played that opening against me long ago – informal game. It looks so familiar. I think I won b/c they never tried to develop the centre. It might have been my son trying to keep everything symmetrical.

  29. On Knight E2 your dad had to put on his glasses to see if he heard that right lol

  30. I swear I played this opening a lot as a kid. Now I am a carpenter.

  31. Daddy say your daughter to marry me ❤❤❤

  32. Not to (sort of) steal your thunder, but I did indeed use to try this opening as a kid. I'm no experienced chess player by a long shot, but as a kid, I liked to try creative things that looked cool. It was fun and symmetrical. 🤷‍♂️ But then everyone told me that openings like those were silly, so I stopped lol. Now I want to try the cow opening again.

  33. Anna, you have very sweet parents. Your dad is even willing to give it a try! 😂

  34. I just played the opening and won. It was like taking candy from a baby, the opponent had no idea what to do. I was up +7 by move 15

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