I Showed the Cow Opening to My Grandmaster Parents…


On my dad’s birthday I thought why not show him the opening I just invented… and here is the reaction!! 😀 Hope you enjoy the video and let me know in the comments down below how the cow opening is treating you!

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  1. Lol, estoy de cumpleaños el mismo día que tu padre (ni jodiendo el año, tengo 20 xd)

  2. This is actually the opening I played when I first started playing chess. Sometimes I would play the pawns before moving the knights if my opponent was bad. It's good to have a name for it now.

  3. imo there might be some very interesting potential in doing half cows in openings. Playing around with a variation I call the longhorn where you advance two pawns on the flank and do like an inner fiancetto with that bishop and the entire opposing flank is like a murder box

  4. You are so lucky to have grown up in a strong chess family. I love the game end I must admit I am envious of your strong family support and teaching. Great content as always Anna 🙂

  5. "La Vaca" . You could, and i think you should, exploit that spanish half of yours! En America Latina nos faltan youtubers/streamers de ajedrez.

  6. I played this opening as a junior in school. I called it the Moose as it looks like two antlers on the either side of a pair of Moose eyes.

  7. I will try this opening a couple times just curios

  8. I used your cow, won some, lost some. Mostly didnt know what to do after coz it blocks queen and bishops to open.

  9. I played that opening when I was a kid playing chess…

  10. I just assumed it was called the cow because the knights look like the small horns/ears and the bishops look like the nostrils😭

  11. I loved mom saying there’s a reason why it hasn’t been played 😅

  12. Of course Spanish Tal wants to try this in classical

  13. look how humble is your parents – god saves your family

  14. I liked how the father had to put his glasses on. Thinking like wtf is going on?!

  15. Today, I played the cow opening for the first time in my life and won the game. Ferdinand is automatic win

  16. Tried it. It worked. Only playing the cow opening from now on.

  17. Genius. It has hugely improved my success rate

  18. What a beautiful loving family. you can sense the love and harmony between the three of you.

  19. What would be great is what the next move would be after the cow opdd ed Ning 😅

  20. Wait what…? I used to do this when I was a kid…

  21. You are such a beautiful person inside and out what a wonderful personality I would hate to see you when you get mad…. And you play chess and make great content.

  22. I think i might have played it before you invented it! Like as a child because its so nice symetrical

  23. This is such a loving family, you can see the sincerity in her parents eyes, they love that their child is having fun with chess, even if she's not as good as them xD

  24. Just tried the cow in blitz. It immediately got owned because white just pushed his central pawn up right away, trapping my knights so i sort of abandoned, but then my queen got loose and all his pieces were out of position and unable to guard each other. I honestly cant tell if the cow is brilliant or just too confusing for people who havent seen it lol

  25. I loved Ferdinand the Bull as a kid, but perhaps it explains why I'm mediocre at chess, for I never saw it as an opening…a true metaphor for how I play the game.

  26. Hi Anna, you have wonderful parents! 👍😉 A Cow as a birthday present… tztztz 😂
    Love from Hannes, Germany ❤

  27. We've he said he was going to try it her wife's reaction was priceless.

  28. Your mom is a beast. You said, "Isn't it cool that it has never been played before?" — You mom replies — "There's a reason why [It has never been played before]". LOLLl

  29. Pia's reaction is the best! 😂 The polite little Swedish "mm very nice my wonderful daughter, now please never show me this again.".

  30. Just tried the cow and got smacked HARD I am 600 rated though and just started playing chess on my own so I’m sure that has something to do with it but still

  31. La deshonra en los ojos de su madre, jajajaja. Dad's reaction was so heartwarming. Love it!

  32. Love the Cow. The Ferdinand reference was beautiful. He was the best bull.

  33. there is something beautiful with this generation

  34. This is actually hilarious. Me and my niece played this in elementary school because we thought it was so beautiful and symmetrical. Such great nostalgia.

    Only the first 4 moves, we would play b3 and g3 followed by Bb2 and Bg3.

  35. What a wonderful family you have! Your mom's voice sounds so caring and your dad seems so funny. I am a fan !

  36. i love this opening. it seems stupid, but most chessplayers literally don't know how to deal w it.

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