I Showed the Cow Opening to My Grandmaster Parents…


On my dad’s birthday I thought why not show him the opening I just invented… and here is the reaction!! 😀 Hope you enjoy the video and let me know in the comments down below how the cow opening is treating you!

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  1. Anna's enthusiasm and joie de vivre are infectious.
    I hope she has siblings because Ma and Pa definitely know how to make wonderful children.

  2. Seriously, the audacity of 'i created an opening' is unreal.

  3. Why didn't you call it the FERDINAND OPENING!?🐂🐂🐂

  4. How can you love chess, have GM parents, be in the prime of your life, and not be a GM yourself???

  5. My father made me learn chess from when I was very young and this is the shit I would play in chess practice everytime to piss everyone off when I was like 6 years old, I have played many varients of very similar openings even this one perhaps

  6. Anna I challenge you in a stupid opening chess battle whenever you want

  7. I like how your dad literally had to put on his glasses after you said Ne2!

  8. Such passion! Anna.

    You parents should be very proud.

  9. This could work with not too high rated players or impatient people also could work.

  10. I love using the cow in blitz. You gain valuable seconds as your opponent goes WTF … and your first brace of moves are instantaneous.

  11. Anna: this is my opening, the cow.
    Parents: I guess 2 GMs in a house is already a lot 😂

  12. Amo tu español anna, hay vídeos de ti hablado mas español?

  13. I so wanted to see the bishops at d2 g e2, just for the symmetry, and to set up the castle. However, maybe moving pawn to b3, leaving knight on d2, to open the door for the left bishop… it depends.

  14. Pops putting his glasses on after knight e2 is crazy lol And mom dukes was having none of it 😭

  15. I guess he never won with this opening, since no video is uploaded 😛 7:00

  16. Her mom restricting her dad from playing it in tournament is just too funny😂

  17. I have tried this opening. It confuses my opponents, so that's a plus.
    I like a game where the opening isn't documented.

  18. I played the cow opening, but it went to the milk variation with the steak defense, so I got a little bit lost

  19. I REALLY want to see your dad play this opening in a tournament!

  20. I will play this opening against casuals because I am a casual

  21. I'm going play "The Cow" opening, for sure – today or this weekend.

  22. "if I win, you publish the game!"

  23. you have absolutely beautiful parents, who have grown up traditionally to chess moves, and you Anna breaking the rules only to discover that experience is the ultimate teacher..

  24. Dad is willing to be tolerant but mom is like "it's objectively bad."

  25. Uhm.. Ferdinand was a bull, not a cow…

  26. Dad says I’ll try it in a tournament! Mom-but only online! 😂

  27. fantastic. fun. warm. thank you for sharing. i am using this opening and it works and more important it is fun to see como mis oponentes se vuelven locos al verlo y dicen pero que está haciendo este tio y yo me parto de risa y muchas veces además gano. Gracias Anna.

  28. Blimey, your parents have the sweetest patience, and so much love for you – you are blessed!

  29. aww…it's just so heartwarming to see Anna with her parents! I love this family! ❤

  30. I always play opening that has never been played before. I am very unpredictable. I even invented new rule where chess pieces will be deactivated for 5 moves and will be active after that. Once i was playing out of the chess board for all the captured pieces to decide who will win ultimately after on board game was decided.

  31. I'm not very good at chess, but I was taught how to play in elementary school in the early to mid 90s and I'm pretty sure this is one of the "openings" we used when trying to learn about controlling the center of the board. I've probably used it in casual games not knowing what it was lol

  32. Came for the chess, ended up inspired by the family dynamics.

  33. I watched this al the way through anticipating a punchline. I did stuff like this as a kid learning the game. It might be a good opening but it really cloggs up the development of the rest of your pieces. But what do I know? I am not even rated. :/

  34. I love this video. I don't know anything about chess but Anna is such a fun person, her parents should be very proud of her.
    @annacramling We all cannot wait to hear your dad's results of "The Cow"!! win or lose.

  35. Did he play it?! I want to see the follow up!!! 🙁

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