I Played Magnus Carlsen

I played against Magnus Carlsen (current world chess champion) at the Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain! This was the game, hope you enjoy 🙂

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0:00-0:21 Intro
0:21-6:34 Game against Magnus

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  1. Magnus will always remember the day he played the great Anna Cramling in the park and she graciously allowed him a win! 💪💪💪

  2. @Anna Cramling – You got Magnus Carlsen to say "This is not easy." Great play! You could tell he respected your playing. 👍

  3. When Magnus said tactics did he mean the Ne2 fork? He has to sac the exchange to save the rook I think. If that's the case I'm proud (and shocked) that I did spot it as as soon as he said it 🤓 Good game Anna btw! It must be hella hard to give Magnus an interesting match.

  4. * Why do girl chess players simp over Magnus Carlson so much?

  5. That was awesome to watch, so much going on and both people playing at a very high level. So impressive.

  6. at 4.24 why couldn't she have moved her bishop to b5 so her knight could fork the king. She be protecting her knight that way and eating it would be safe.

  7. Que pérdida de tiempo para el campeón del mundo jugar contra ti

  8. Это из разряда он я не в ту дверь зашла?Ой фигурки страшненькие доска маленькая и даже золотом не покрыли😂😂😂Отдаю победу и иду в Бутик там симпотненько😂😂😂

  9. el muchacho bien humilde apenas empieza en las partidas buena suerte para el

  10. its funny that she let magnus win just for a hi chat, magnus should be more humble

  11. With this I have realized that I should not follow this Anna channel anymore and I should start following Magnus Carlsen.

  12. Ya puedes morir en paz, genial

  13. Whydo women talk so much. You talk to much in all of your videos. Play and be quiet. Shheeeesh*

  14. You played against the Goat and did well😊

  15. why not knight e2 check, revealed attack and winning 2 points of am I missing something,

  16. Although I know how each piece moves, I have absolutely no idea what they are doing or the strategy within the game is.

  17. I don't know why everyone is surprised he's so respectful. He probably has no issues with females, if I had to guess.

  18. That was amazing! He complemented quite a few of your moves. I wish we had the clock on the screen. He said he was going to try to win on time at some point.

  19. So the Swedish guy is like a chess hustler playing in the park?

  20. What?! This guy made the finals of the world championship?
    Isn't Garry Kasparov the world champion?

  21. look for tactics "proceeds to give view to boobs" <3

  22. I am 12 years old and have a fide score of 2100.

  23. He's not conceded or anything just a cool dude.

  24. She was just nervous cause it was magnus. I wish I could play chess.

  25. "Don't be scared" followed by own quick move and a little happy dance with his head. Yup, nothing to worry about there 😀
    Great game, thanks for bringing it to us!

  26. im chess amateur but one question: at 3:20 isnt it better here for Anna to go Knight e2 to get the fork for the rook? would appreciate any answer

  27. Greatest clutch u missed by not using horse at right time by threatening both Bishop and rook😂😂😂

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