I Played Magnus Carlsen

I played against Magnus Carlsen (current world chess champion) at the Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain! This was the game, hope you enjoy 🙂

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0:00-0:21 Intro
0:21-6:34 Game against Magnus

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  1. Just found this channel. Watched a bunch of videos. Had zero interest or thought in chess until watching them. That means you are doing great work even outside the board!!

  2. Ha! He says look for tactics, she says look for tactics and bends over the chessboard to give Magnus a good view!

  3. You had the perfect fork with the knight!!! Bishop, Rook AND King!! Mark 3:30 😢

  4. Her confidence is not commensurate with her ability.

  5. In the endgame anna did a mistake . In a move anna could move her knight to e2 giving checkmate to king and magnus could take the knight with rook but then anna would move rook to c1 taking rook and giving checkmate but if this situation does not arises anna could get a free rook.. Simple.

  6. She's an amazing player , but every time she reaches for one of her pieces , he's already reaching for his next move and she hasn't let go of hers yet . 💀💀

  7. seems like your loses videos are a lot shorter than you victories….

  8. Chess newbie question: why didn't you play knight to e2 (check) at around 4:00 in the video?

  9. Love that he didn't say high to the chat ❤

  10. I have never seen Magnus speak so much while playing chess

  11. When the mangnus king was trapped by his own pawn and bishop 6:34 black knight could have make a check which could have mate magnus 😮

  12. Anna won in my eyes. Magnus obviously had one of those cheat buzzers up his posterior.

  13. When she is mated, she said thank you, that was sexiest word ever said 😮

  14. It would have been funny if Triumph the Dog had shown up

  15. Wow, When he was saying think tactics, you had a fork of his king and his rook on d2, yes his rook would take but you could take his other rook and put him in check again and I think you gain tempo and position. My highest rating was only 1850 but i have beaten players rated 2150 before.

  16. They finished the match while I'm still thinking which pawn to move first :DD

  17. I think the sealing miss was at 4:32 e.g. Knight D1 to C3 after that knight c3 to e2 with help Bishop for check a4 to a5.
    It would still be a difficult position but not yet a definitive loss. But I have a good point, look at the "recording". It was a nice game.

  18. Always with that beautiful cleavage. It is in a man's nature to get distracted. No defense against that.

  19. One day Hindus will show Westerners how chess really works.

  20. this would have been so much more fun is chat was on screen

  21. I really need to learn how to play chess properly. I only play against the computer and it's not the same

  22. Did Anna cheat at 1:15? Seems like she moved 2 pieces.

    I'm not a chess pro, so don't come at me. 🙂

  23. 4.07…Anna could already have won the game…

  24. wow, Magnus is amazing. Good job Anna, you are great

  25. Magnus will win because he is a world champion ❤❤❤❤😂😂😂😂😂😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤😊😊😊❤❤❤

  26. Am I wrong or at 4:27 Knight to d2 checks and gets a rook?

  27. 5:47 i would go rook to b1 then b2 if he falls for it ill take rook

  28. Why didn't you speak swedish with him?

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