I Invented a BRAND NEW Chess Opening: The Cow Opening!!!

I present to you, The COW Opening! This has never been played before, and I’ve actually had a pretty good win-rate with this opening. Let me know in the comments down below what you think of it, and if you try any games with it!

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00:00 Intro
00:23 First Game (white pieces)
15:45 Second Game (black pieces)

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  1. Mayne you were thinking about the song Some Nights…❤

  2. I've played like 6 games in my adult life, against a quite qualified friend of mine, 5 of them with the cow opening, and I have a 33% win rate against him, and thát includes a thrown away won game (thát would have been 50%), plus I had one where I blundered a rook, which could have turned out better than what it did….
    – I started recently because I had taught this guy billards to a degree that he started winning, so I thought I better learn chess, which was "his game", so I saw a lot of videos, including this one, and have managed fairly well, if I need to say it myself….;- )

  3. Lol, you're so excited about this that I have to try it 😆

  4. I won seven in a row using cow against 1600s. Opponents apparently are confused.

  5. I shall try the milking of the Ferdinant the Cow opening.

  6. If you under 1600 opening matters zero ? Can‘t relate 😅

  7. Anna, I am not that good. I did beat a 1500 rated player today, so I am 1350-1450. I am 66 years old. Saw this opening today, and I just won a game with the Cow Opening…LOL! Update 3 wins 1 loss with the Cow!

  8. I played this as a kid just too mess around but now it has a name😂😂

  9. Fun fact, I used to play this exact opening when I was 7

  10. I have been playing this type of opening for 30 years… It's not knew – it is just been brought to the fore front because someone who plays competition chess is running this strategy…

  11. 4:46 The pawns kinda look like udders.. LMAO- bc of that, the opening kinda looks like an upside-down cow laying on its back (very relaxed, like in the story). And one of the knights can be the head of the cow and the other knight can be the tail or something. I love this.
    Perhaps a variation involving the center pawns moving a lot could be called the milk or milking variation or something LOL

  12. Love the cow story Anna. Great content as always 😊

  13. La vaca que se posiciona para ver pasar el tren. Y lo curioso de la vaca, es que no se siente intimidada ni impresionada 😂😅.

  14. Почему у тебя рот такой большой)) зубастик😂

  15. This opening has never been played before. I searched in a database with over 5 million games and not a single person has played this because it takes 10 moves to get an even remotely good center control and there is an inaccuracy on move 2.

    Also, this opening should be called ''Inaccuracy Farm System''

  16. The variations should be based off of different kinds of cows.

    You could have The Bull, The Longhorn, The Angus, The Brahmin, The Herford, etc.

  17. It’s a good opening

    I love it

    It gives a purpose

  18. A cool variation name could be "Cow: Apollo Variation" because Apollo was known as the god of cowherds and kept bright red sacred cows, which were rumored to be the finest cattle in the world.

  19. I knew how to play chess but thank you for showing me How to play chess lol.

  20. Girl fuck the engine, did you have fun playing a literal game or not? Okay cool thanks

  21. You make it looks so easy. It gets complicated in the mid game, but if you are patient it seems you get some milk. This is pretty cool.

  22. Let me go ahead and show you the “mooooves”

  23. Big news for everyone, I put this to the ultimate test. I used the cow opening agsinst Martin, and was successful!

  24. Hi Anna. What about having a chess session (I know lose. please bring your parents) to Kungsträdgården/Stockholm? If you will, I gladly invite you and family to a dinner.

  25. At the initial you block all your movemtens.

  26. Ah man…I was trying to learn a new opening and all I got was a bunch of Bull…Just kidding…She is a great story teller. I was hanging on every word. I looked up Ferdinand the Bull film It was made in 1938. I m gonna try it.

  27. Paused the video at 5:30 and tried it out. Won as white then as black, solid imo if strong with knights. Thanks it was fun!

  28. Mooo! Mooo! Love it, I'm doing this opening in my next games on playchess 🙂 P.S. I'm rated around 1600 so should be great. Mooo!

  29. If you're looking for more names, how about the Ferdinand ?

  30. Hello Anna,
    I just had the idea to try Bing's all new AI and ask it about your opening. I got an embarrassing response…

    "The cow opening is a new chess opening invented by WFM Anna Cramling, a popular chess streamer and content creator. She announced it on her YouTube channel on May 27, 2023. The cow opening is characterized by the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.Nc3 d6 5.d3 Nf6 6.Bg5 h6 7.Bxf6 Qxf6 8.Nd5 Qd8 9.c3 Be6, followed by a pawn push to c6 and b5, creating a cow-like structure on the queenside."

    All this AI response linking to THIS VIDEO 🙂
    I couldn't convince the AI that the first move is NOT e4…
    So what came into my mind… maybe there's ANOTHER cow opening "creating a cow-like structure on the queenside"?

  31. Laughed for 2 mins straight just by reading the title 🤣🤣🤣

  32. So I tried the cow, and I like it. I am just a cut above a beginner at chess. I know some basic fundamentals, but I don't know any real theory. What I like about the cow, is that few players use it, so I am at less of a disadvantage in the opening with players a bit better than me. I also like that it draws my opponent out, maybe a bit too aggressively. And then it presents opportunities for counter punching, which suits my personality.
    Long live the The Cow. Thanks Anna.

  33. I like the cow. It's fun and has a great story. But I can't win take down a 2000 with it. Congrats to anyone that can. 2000 is a very serious game.

  34. this is how the cow rolls. no boundaries and maybe too gangster for kids…………………then again, Jesus Christ said clearly "man must make the first move!"

  35. ask and it shall be given. seek and ye shall find

  36. Your first variation of the Cow opening should be called, "The Udder variation." If you don't know what "udder" means it is the "mammary gland of female cattle" i.e. cow. And udder is a common way to pronounce, "other, " in English. The Udder Variation of the Cow opening. /

  37. This opening was "discovered" and published over 20 years ago. See "defense game" by PAFU

  38. Been losing lately a lot, just losing to opening theory and tried this and won all of my 6 blitz games in a row hahaha

  39. interesting opening ,made from a movie

  40. Call it Milkshake!

    My Milkshake brings the pawns to the yard.
    And they're like, it's better than yours

    Damn right it's better than yours

    I can teach you, but I have to charge

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