I Discovered an Unrated Chess Genius in a Small Bar

I went to a small chess bar in Amsterdam (Café de Laurierboom) and found an unrated chess player that was EXTREMELY strong. Let me know in the comments what you think his rating should be!

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. Esa mesa cojea por dios, asi no se puede jugar….

  2. Now the important questions everybody has after watching this… did he beat you in the second game? And where can we watch that game?

  3. Nice to see what Die Hard villains do in their down time 👍

  4. I live in Amsterdam, where is this bar? I would like to go

  5. His straightening of the pieces seems more like a power move to me

  6. There is a relatively large amount of chess played in Holland. I've already seen it in some cafés and coffee shops. In Germany you hardly see anything like that – we really are in a chess desert

  7. It's actually kinda heart-breaking to see people that don't feel like they can just come out and say "I'm from Russia", especially when they've done their best to escape the regime. What a lovely chap!

  8. If you speak Spanish…
    Why don't you start to speak with unknown people in Spanish?
    It Will be interesting 🤔

  9. LOL – when he says he wants to go to the United States, I was thinking, I bet he does, because they have food available in the grocery stores.

  10. It actually is dangerous how she uses her female energy when she talks about what she wants to eat.. everything to test his strength

  11. This makes me wish there was a chess bar in my city

  12. Anna's talk-no-jutsu is on another level. Very entertaining vid

  13. Funny that he started playing a version of Dutch Stone wall in Amsterdam.

  14. He was annoying. Whining all the time. Very negative energy.

  15. Some people prefer silence to focus. While she's talkative and annoying sometimes. So she should respect that about her opponents

  16. Maybe this is always the case in chess, but it's like there were two games going on: One on the board, and the other in words between the people. He pretends to be a beginner; Anna politely challenges that while at the same time beating him. Well played.

  17. She is so sunny! So sweet smiles!😂❤

  18. she guess he is 2200? LOL. i play like that as well am i am 600

  19. "i am russian" (o damn, hopefully i will not get shot here…… is what his face said)

  20. "If a Russian says he is bad at chess, he's about 1600. If an American says he's bad at chess, that means he doesn't know how the horsey moves"

  21. I estimate his rating at 1500. His move Bxh6 was very bad. No 2200 player would have played that.

  22. Hah.. The whole comment section has been devoted to OCD! Is that the attraction for watching these videos? It’s about Chess, Peeps, not about how you fold your socks before putting them away. 🤣

  23. Now this is trolling that I can get behind

  24. He might be strong, he might also not have a rating. Plenty of strong players around who just sits in on a game for some fun here and there…

  25. I'm sorry but I really don't get this format. Why play a 3 minute game when you are constantly having a conversation during the moves? It just doesn't make sense to me.

  26. 2200? That’s an insult to every 2200 player out there. With all respect Anna, but no 2200 is blundering the things he did in the end.

  27. Bruh he's rizzing her in chess

  28. Ten cuidado con ese individuo, Ana, no te conviene.

  29. New guy at work, at lunch in the company cafeteria, sits down. Asks if anyone plays chess.
    We all go silent.
    Then Charles K. says, "Yes, I play chess."
    New guy says. "We should play a game! Do you have a board?"
    Charles replies, "Who needs a board?"

    (Charles was an International Master. Spent a couple years bumming around Europe, allegedly earning a living by playing chess and backgammon. )

  30. Dude was trying to rizz from the first moment.

  31. Always super weird reading these comment sections. 60% of comments are normal, other 40% are weirdly thirsty and "talk to anna" directly.

  32. i played maybe 30-40 games in my childhood never rated but played a 1500 rated player today. and they beat me all 3 times. however 2 of the games went for hours. and he rated me at a good 750-1000 range. which im pretty happy about considering ive not touched it in 30 years. so watched this as it peaked my interest and some amazing chess here and beautiful unpretentious Anna. <3

  33. will someone please explain to me how this is a checkmate? losing my mind here it seems easily blockable with a move from his queen am i stupid?

  34. He was kind and answered every question on his time…..To kind…

  35. Watching the bruised ego of the men who loose to Anna is a little embarrassing – they do not win "gracefully" shall we say. But I reckon if it was an older male of renown they wouldn't be so uncomfortable about their loss…

  36. yes, as another poster said, one hand play and clock is a give away .

  37. soon as he said i'm Russian she's like aww shattt

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