How to WIN with the London System!

London Opening.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Theory
15:42 Game 1
21:43 Game 2

1. d4 d5 (1… Nf6 2. Nf3) (1… f5) (1… g6) 2. Bf4 (2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Bf4 c5)
2… Nf6 3. e3 (3. Nf3 c5 4. e3 Nc6 5. c3) 3… c5 (3… e6 4. Nf3 Nc6 (4…
Bd6 5. Nbd2 (5. Bg3) (5. Ne5)) 5. c3 Be7 6. Bd3 O-O 7. Nbd2 b6 8. O-O (8. Ne5) (8. Qe2)) (3… Bf5 4. c4 e6 5. Nc3 Bb4 6. Qb3) (3… Bg4) (3… g6) 4. Nf3 (4. Nc3) (4. dxc5 e6 5. b4 a5 6. c3 b6 7. Bxb8 Rxb8 8. Bb5+) 4… Nc6 (4… Qb6 5. Nc3 (5. Na3)) 5. Nbd2 (5. c3 Qb6) 5… e6 (5… Bf5 6. dxc5 e6) (5… cxd4 6.
exd4) 6. c3 Be7 7. Bd3 O-O 8. Ne5 Nxe5 9. dxe5 Nd7 10. Qh5 f5 11. g4 g6 12. Qh6

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  1. I'm lost here from 5:33 to 5:45. I don't see how white will win the game. @ 5:33 Pawn advance to c7,, black Q will take it, and if white Bishop goes to d7 taking the other, Q will take again and white will be without bishops ???? The black king did't move yet .

  2. Sry for the question but i cant find the Coures .sry for the Bad englisch btw

  3. Levy–you are the bomb. You've made chess fun again for me. Thank you.

  4. I've been playing the London exclusively as white for some months. It is fabulous if black plays e6 without developing their light-square bishop first, but the stronger players at my club have been destroying me when they combine Bf5 and Qb6. I intend to persist with it, but for anyone considering trying it I strongly suggest they note that with most of your pawns on dark squares, the opponent's light-square bishop is a dangerous beast. You will need to plan how to control it.

  5. 5:46 isnt c7 Qxc7, Qh4 Bfe2 and black is fine, ready for 0-0?

  6. I don get it with pown to c7, pls help

  7. Whoa, thanks for taking the time to teach us this, much appreciated!

  8. thank you so much levy, u make it so easy to understand and i won my first game by listening to your teachings.

  9. Thanks for this amazing tutorial of the London system, I learned it and CRUSHED my opponent with it.

  10. which course is the london taught in..? i cant figure out which

  11. What do i do if the bishop(8c) treaten my queen by going to (4g) when i set up the londen system. i can't take the bishop because he is defenced by the knight? (i am a starter)

  12. Hello Levy… Enjoy your content and courses greatly. I was wondering if your London course still exists and, if so, where can I get it?

  13. Do you have a video of black playing d5-Nf6, Bbf-e6? I normally play e3 next and then he checks me with his black square bishop to Bb4 check how do I respond? I normally move c3 and they move Be7

  14. I like to get all this beginning of the game business out of the way so I can create a real nasty mess

  15. سلام تو فوق العاده ای.😊

  16. One week ago I was stuck at around 850ish and wasn't making any progress. I didn't know any opening theory and someone suggested I learn the London. I watched this video and started playing the London in every game that I had the white pieces. My rating went up by 100 points and I am on my way to finally reaching 1000. Thank you Levy 🙂

  17. i don't understand what to do if they move pawn to e5 it kills everything

  18. I reached 1000 rating in Rapid using the London system, I learned it from u and from Hikaru😍🔥.
    Thank you♥️

  19. good day I have recently started playing chess, and your videos are awesome. I favor the London and Queen Gambit as white but been trying with the London but its hard man. I use the Pirc as black..any advice?

  20. Our champion at work place for the half year tournament is 1729 ELO and he favors the two knights attack

  21. Ppl brings out the black bishop at F5 before your bishop hits the center

  22. "I'm not a huge fan of Ng3" goes on to play it in nearly every match in the recent tournament

  23. hey Levy, I am actually getting better with opennings thanks to your videos, Thank you for that !
    However, i loose almost 45% of my games on the clock, have you some tips to play and think faster ? How do you proceed to do so ?

  24. Thanks Levy. Your channel has helped me improve my rating about 40-50 points. (1647 ELO but couldn't really even break 1600 until watching your vids)

  25. Levy u gotta trust me. Today's 800 aren't gonna fall for this 10:08

  26. I know this video was completed over 7 months ago, but the speed at which you deliver the information is mind blowing. Frenetic. I find myself hitting the rewind button and saying WTF about 9 times. LOL. Great stuff. Keep it up. Wish I could afford your classes! Keep em coming.

  27. 5:47 wouldnt the queen just take if you go c7. I'm not seeing the trap to mate. he will lose the queen if you go pawn to d7 but i still dont see how that is mate?

  28. Hey have a tournament today and because of you I am changing my starting move

  29. I love that your lamp has a 1700 rating! You’re awesome!!

  30. instructions unclear, opponent never castles and i dont know how to atack in the middle of the board

  31. Fake,i played like 10 games,i lost all of them

  32. First time applying this and I mate a 180+ elo opponent in 17 moves

  33. man he didnt take my bishop what now ? pls 5 minute blitz i dont have much time, thanks.

  34. 1:45 the computer always says thats a bad move even tho its probably the best

  35. I know this is an older video but be lower rated like myself its just funny to see my opponent doing some crazy stuff as I just develop and then watch them be frustrated when they can't do much

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