How to Trap a Queen in Chess? Chess Traps and Tricks for Beginners to Win the Opponent’s Queen

Learn how to trap a queen in chess in this chess tutorial for beginners. In this video, you will learn the basic ideas to trap your opponent’s queen in 8 different ways.These 8 chess traps and tricks for beginners to win the opponent’s queen must be watched and learned by every chess enthusiast.


0:00 Basic Ideas to Trap a Queen
0:34 Queen Trap in Englund Gambit
3:17 Queen Trap in Tennison Gambit
7:28 Queen Trap in Hector Gambit
9:42 Queen Trap in Albin Countergambit
13:38 Queen Trap in Scandinavian Defense
16:37 Queen Trap in Falkbeer Gambit
19:12 Queen Trap in Fajarowicz Gambit
23:57 Queen Trap in Budapest Gambit
24:55 Question of the Day!

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Check out the playlist here to learn some chess from beginning:

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  1. I know a way Choose White Then play Pawn d7 to d5
    They play Pawn e2 to pawn e4 threatning your pawn then use knight b8 to c6 they capture your pawn threatning your knight move knight to c6 to d4 they threat you again pawn c2 to c3 Then your queen e8 to a4 checking the opponents king They block it with pawn b2 to b3 also threatning your queen move bishop c8 to f5 most people takes the queen ofc bishop f5 to c2 Checkmate

  2. Last time I saw a tutorial the channel was on 500 subscribers and now more than 1k in just two months. Really appreciate you. ❤

  3. What will be the black move if white start with e4?

  4. the international ballistic missile gambit❤❤ i love this gambot❤❤

  5. In the 1st trap though, wouldn’t that pawn just take ur queen? Then it gets to the end so the enemy would also get a queen.

  6. Its not Tennison gambit its

  7. does c4 is valid move for white ???
    @19:12 why the white will play c4 no logic exists behind this so in this gambit usaully white does not play c4 in its second move

  8. Zambia and play against me at Mimosas street house n. 16

  9. Both of them right because bc4+ then black will play ke8 then white will play bf7+ k×f7 q×d8 and we won the queen .2 bg6+ k×g6 q×d8 and we won the queen

  10. Bishop to g6 is the best move for white to fork the opponents queen

  11. I learn all but anyone can't trapped in this gambits 😢😅

  12. Madam please mo pai to tricks ana🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. how to remember these moves
    BTW nice work you explained it very well THANKYOU

  14. How frequently you post videos? Though I have subscribed i am not getting

  15. 🎉❤😊😅😮😅c6 is a comefultabel

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