HOW TO THINK – Beginners Watch This! Chess Rating Climb 481 to 557 ELO ( speedrun)

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0:00 – Game 1 – Brilliant move tactic
3:12 – Game 2 – Tricky opening tactics
13:26 – Game 3 – Fishing pole trap
16:45 – Game 4 – Caro-Kann
22:58 – Game 5 – Alekhine’s Defense
26:42 – Game 6 – 1…b6?
28:54 – Game 7 – LONDON SYSTEM
35:06 – Game 8 – Scandinavian
40:33 – Game 9 – King’s Indian Attack

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  1. Just started playing a month ago and this video has helped me more than any other. Thank you! I really like the way you explain things. Talking slower and showing each option is great for a beginner like me.

  2. I learned many things from this video ❤❤❤

  3. Hello hello….this is make chess look easy…..i would like you to be my tutor.. .. 😍

  4. Thank you so much for the video, really helpful

  5. Enjoyed Ur games and commentary- good stuff

  6. Don’t post videos of engine cheaters please, this helps no one.

  7. Love your chanel and the way you explain why you do or don't do moves. Just the right pace to follow too.

  8. man it looks so easy. i keep on getting slapped but i will try to use your analysis scheme, calm and focused and i think i will improve fast. thanks for the content ! <3

  9. 28:30 knights e4 then c3 😂 fork again would have been great to watch

  10. 25:31 you just missed a fork and just defend you overthink to much 😂

  11. Тебе не стыдно играть со слабыми игроками? Играй с мастерами спорта.

  12. 1:18 my guess would be their queen side knight. if he moves it to c6, it would threaten e5 meaning your queen couldnt fork.

  13. 39:33 what about Bh8 to check the king and then have defense for the rook on the second line?

    Beginner here… 🤔

  14. Is it legal chess wise to play opponents this low

  15. Opps ..there goes another bishop trade .

  16. Plot twist: The 500 that played unexpecedly reaasonable was another chess master youtuber recording an Elo climb video

  17. Very good logic and sound chess thinking. Excellent focus and style

  18. Finally going to beat the Nintendo game !!!!!

  19. Sadly I’m a player in the 500’s. My opponents don’t miss the fork threats I have and rarely blunder!

  20. First time I see your videos I’m hooked you are a great teacher ..easy to follow your trai of though
    Thank you truly!

  21. Every time Nelson’s opponents blunder you can tell he feels bad 😂

  22. 25:12 , you missed a juicy Ng5 fork of the King and the Queen.

  23. Bro the 500 elos against me are so cracked they could beat Magnus

  24. From this video I started to considered the move that i never think of before and i got 93.3 accuracy with 2 great move at 700 elo. Thanks mate.

  25. In Game two, if he had moved the bishop & sac the rook, it was checkmate in two

  26. Not to be funny but YouTube has put 10 ads on thia video in total. 😂

  27. I would probably utilize , whole 10 mins but this guy manages to finish games under 5mins while talking a lot of stuff 😅

  28. Thanks to you I got a 100% precession match while being 7 hundred elo

  29. Please tell me everyone who you're beating with this account is getting refunded their ELO after losing to you… that's the ELO range that I'm permanently stuck in, and I can't help but wonder how many titled players running a smurf for YouTube content are contributing to the fact that I can apparently play like a 1000 but keep getting bullshitted into staying at 500

  30. I love how instructive the video is, really good job. You going through the moves very smoothly. With that being said, id be going mad if i had to play someone like you at 500 elo 🤣🤣

  31. I've just started out three weeks ago. At 430 currently. My main problem is not slowing down enough to see what my opponent is planning. Thanks for the video!

  32. WOW Thanks manAm getting the thinking partten now

  33. It’s like watching a varsity football player destroy some 5th grader noobs at dodgeball…but then like how you strategize and process the threats.

  34. I like how you play interesting but not necessarily the best moves some times and say that you wouldnt play like that on top level but for lower levels you recommend it. This way I can actually understand the moves and dont need to plan ahead tactics for the next ten moves which is nice for a beginner. Thank you!

  35. Your videos are the best! Thank you for explaining your moves.

  36. 8:25 check with bishop? that moves one bish out of the line of the attacking rook and buys you a move. I think you gave up a pawn unnecessarily not checking with dark bish one move earlier. but what do I know? I suck at chess.

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