HOW TO THINK – Beginners Watch This! Chess Rating Climb 481 to 557 ELO ( speedrun)

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0:00 – Game 1 – Brilliant move tactic
3:12 – Game 2 – Tricky opening tactics
13:26 – Game 3 – Fishing pole trap
16:45 – Game 4 – Caro-Kann
22:58 – Game 5 – Alekhine’s Defense
26:42 – Game 6 – 1…b6?
28:54 – Game 7 – LONDON SYSTEM
35:06 – Game 8 – Scandinavian
40:33 – Game 9 – King’s Indian Attack

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  1. i watch a lot of chess youtubers and streamers, but you are certainly well crafted at teaching and mentoring. again thank you for your content!

  2. Best chest content I've seen on YouTube, not kidding🎉

  3. I really enjoy this type of chess video. Playing people closer to my rating and explaining all the moves. Love it!

  4. Imagine thinking hes taking alot of time to think of how to get out. Meanwhile this master is explaining how hes dominating. The goat

  5. Now that i think about this, im impressed that i manage to brute forced through 1500 on lichess relying on puzzle

  6. In game 2 I personally believe you could've sacrificed the bishop on F1 and gone for a faster checkmate. I'm not sure if what would happen after they wouldn't take however.

  7. I would’ve checkmated with the bishop with Be6# in game 4.

  8. help im stuck and need to learn how to not think

  9. I am above these levels but man… I sure could have used video's like these during my climb. The fact you don't blast through and actually give "us" time to think along with you is just awesome man. We all know these games could have been over in about 5 secs lol. That's what separates your ELO climb videos from the rest.

  10. For those in starting out, and within and frankly above this ELO (rating), this is one of your better ratings climb. Appreciate the slow talking, allowing you time to think as well, discussing why pieces are chosen. Thanks!

  11. You start way above 500 elo I don't get this.

  12. @ about 25:15 instead of Re1 White could have fatal move
    Ng5 + royal fork !

  13. I suck so much at chess im 190 rating or something i get tossed around every single game

  14. I am just a beginner at 1000 (acc to Square Off) but started playing chess lately to supplement my sight reading. Thanks for the lessons, they are helping a lot. Cheers.

  15. Very nice explanations, thank you. Keep it up this way I'm waiting for more video like this.

  16. That 500 rated player you were playing was playing way above his rating!!! 😀

  17. I don't understand these climb elo videos. It's just crushing others with ideas that a 500 elo will NEVER see when they try to climb.

  18. Do you have german relatives? Asking because of the german name:)

  19. Yo that question keeps me up at night sometimes

  20. I'm around those levels, just started over month ago with chess in general, and your vids are really helpful and enjoyable. Thanks

  21. Wow! i'm glad i found this channel. You explain everything very well 🙂 I'm currently stuck around 500-600 elo. Hoping to reach 1000 soon!

  22. Wouldn't it be better to castle long in the London system ?

  23. Around 46:35, the opponent could have checked you with the knight, opening a discovery on your queen from their bishop…

  24. 25:15 – missed a fork and a free queen! 🙂 I would say that's better than playing the rook 🙂

  25. Man these are so helpful because I can break 600 lol

  26. I watched all this at 18 yrs old just started playing chess

  27. At 25:15 after the bishop move you had a royal fork with your knight, a much better move than rook to E1

  28. minute 7:18 you could move knight E5 to F3 with check and win the black's queen

  29. This video is just fantastic, learned so much by seeing your thought process

  30. As quickly as you speak and move it's impossible for an actual beginner to follow along

  31. min 23.35 you could fork king and queen with your knigth

  32. 25:39 you had a royal fork😢
    Edit. You got it anyways a move later😅

  33. Great videos and very informative. I really like how you explain your thinking and your planning ahead.

  34. 25:23 Knight to G5 check, would win Black's Queen although the match is already well in hand.

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