HOW TO THINK – Beginners Watch This! Chess Rating Climb 481 to 557 ELO ( speedrun)

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0:00 – Game 1 – Brilliant move tactic
3:12 – Game 2 – Tricky opening tactics
13:26 – Game 3 – Fishing pole trap
16:45 – Game 4 – Caro-Kann
22:58 – Game 5 – Alekhine’s Defense
26:42 – Game 6 – 1…b6?
28:54 – Game 7 – LONDON SYSTEM
35:06 – Game 8 – Scandinavian
40:33 – Game 9 – King’s Indian Attack

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  1. Nelson really does a great job talking through his thought process.

  2. I just had a lightbulb watching this. Ive always struggled with developing my pawns because i dont like "wasting" my turn pushing them, but if i attack pieces with them i probably wont lose tempo because they have to retreat

  3. actually missed a nice fork in 27:57 , but great videos! your tactics is easy to understand

  4. I just want to ask, why is your plus rating when you win is just single number while when I win I get like 100+ rating?

  5. i hope i can absorb all this moves … cause mostly i forgot

  6. At 25:32 mark there was a knight fork on the black king and queen.

  7. At 25:38, didnt you missed the fork move? It would have been superbmove.

  8. You're far better at explaining the game and its principals simply enough for beginners to grasp. I tried the Gotham guy and he's just a show-off with his blatant display of chess knowledge and ends up confusing more than explaining. Subscribed.

  9. Kind of feel sorry for the unsuspecting opponents. The opening moves look so odd they must think they are facing a genuine n00b then they get blitzed. Not surprised one of them asked for a rematch. He was deffo WTFing after the first loss, then you were at it again in the rematch so he quit. With rage, I'll bet

  10. Nelson :see the move knight e5 immediately after sam play queen c6
    also nelson: miss the move knight g5 forking the king and queen and play rook e1 instead 💀

  11. (3:35) Why didn't the bishop eat the pawn instead?

  12. Game 5 you could have taken the queen with the knight 😅

  13. It is not fair to play against lower rated opponents.

  14. seems you missed taking the queen directly on 25:15 with Kg5, right?

  15. Rating climb via tricking people with opening traps. Doesn't feel great!

  16. i just found this master earlier today… amaaaazing content! thanks!!

  17. At 39:11 main move is to sacrifice the pawn and check with rook on d4 forking his knight

  18. k̶i̶l̶l̶m̶e̶i̶m̶d̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ says:

    Game it's easier if you could just line up the bishop if try defend push other pawn still checkmate so that immediate checkmate black can't stop that

  19. Thank you so much for this rating climb. I am learning so much. Better than Chernev's "Logical Chess" because you are dealing with ideas we lower rated players really need, both stratigicallty and tacticallty that we just don't see in the grandmaster games that Chernev covers. Thanks again!

  20. Dang. I finally can understand everything he is saying. 3 months ago i was just like nemo. Now! Why cant i see this when im playing? 😅

  21. 39:41 He should gone Rd3, threatening a checkmate instead of b5. Then after Ne3, just simplify the game by trading the Knight with Bishop.

  22. I don't think you should accept rematches bc your opponent thinks they got stomped by someone their level but you know you're a grandmaster and getting stomped like that can crush their spirits

  23. Question: In Game 4, after black d5, why no e5 instead of the knight. My centre pawns are protected and on 2 of the centre 4 squares… Is control of the centre not what you should aim for in the opening game?

  24. It is pleasure to see and hear your video. Really nice job! All the best for you… See you next time 🙂

    P.S. I am playing since I was 4-5 years old… Lessons from my grandpa. Miss him a lot. Great time in my memory and love for the whole life 😉

  25. Is a Grand Master someone who has beaten a thousand International Masters?

  26. I love how chess reminds me of a saying my Dad would tell me growing up. “First thought wrong” Our first thought is not always are best option and when we react emotionally or thoughtlessly we don’t give ourselves any options too respond intelligently.

  27. I actually saw the checkmate at about 22:30 before he did I'm so proud of myself

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