How to Play the London System in 3 Minutes | The Easiest Chess Opening Ever

If you’re looking to step up your opening game with something so basic and effortless it could be played by a trained cockroach, look no further.

If you’re looking for an opening that will win you the respect of your peers, look much further.


  1. I was 50/50 on learning this opening until this video and you have without a shadow of doubt proven to me that it is for me.

  2. Goddamn, I can get so pissed off with yt's random gobshite thrown @ me!

  3. i so enjoy playing h5 on the 2nd move with the idea of e5 and completely confusing the opponent in bullet after they "blunder" a piece on move 3 if they play e3.. because, its not even that big an advantage, white gets some material and king safety comp, but still, psychologically difficult, id say, if youre so used to traditional London lines and if they play like Nf3, well, Im gonna have a tempo -ed up pawn lunged toward them in the future which doesnt hurt at all, d4 players are slow and unless you they gambit and you dont blunder any Jobava c7, youre fine being down a tempo in piece development, its just so fucking boring..

  4. I know I am a loser in life at least now I can try for the draw in chess even though white. A Big thumbs and subscribed.

  5. Of the people I know, you're the one who uses the word "judiciously" the most. I've now heard it twice used by you :y which isn't a lot, but people normally don't use it in my area. Because they mostly talk German lol. But still.

  6. "technically it is also after rook d1, just not immediately after, you pedantic nitpicking …."

  7. It's pity I can't play this as I live not in London (

  8. Wtf I been playing the London without knowing 💀

  9. 😢😢That hurts as a London player. But i will not deny that it made me go from 500 to 750 elo. Now i am going to learn new opening as it is not working anymore.

  10. never saw this oppening in any of my games, but saw many videos on how to win against it

  11. Thx, I’ve been inspired to learn a new opening:)

  12. Damn you didn't have to call me out in the end like that :/…

  13. I revel in mediocrity; in this instance. I am a subscriber to-boot.

  14. Any person who opens with queen side pawn, has already given up on life

  15. this guy is hilarious! i gots me a new favorite chanel baby

  16. Damn I did not think chess could make me feel worthless

  17. this video is hilarious, i started learning chess with london system and thought i was a natural because i picked it up quickly, now i know im just a wood league dog 🙁

  18. "… Solid position for the middlegame every time."
    That's the reason I use it. It had also made it so that I preferred playing black, as this opening has made white formulaic. Now I play the French.

    Ben you magnificent bastard.
    Also I play the Advanced variation so your argument doesn't apply.

  19. There's a way out of that tunnel though, it's called the Rapport-Jobava London.

  20. Your channel is underrated! Love your work continue!

  21. your mic
    i can't even. dude if you sort that sh*t out
    you go from sexy god of asmr to "i am speaking from a bucket 20k league under the sea"

  22. This video has reaffirmed my pride as a London player. Can you do the Caro-Kann next?

  23. One of the best chess tutorials.We need the Queens Gambit btw.

  24. Try to use simple words in your next vids Im an arabian patzer🤕

  25. dont forget big ben setups here : one line is d4 d5 Bf4 Nf6 e3 c5 Kd2!! consolidating the pawn pyramid and improving king activity at the same time

  26. This is genuinely the funniest chess content on YouTube, I hope you do a video on the English soon!

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