How to play the English Opening | 10-Minute Chess Openings

IM Levy Rozman aka GothamChess is back with another 10-minute chess opening video on the English Opening for the White pieces. This was played in the recently concluded Magnus Carlsen tour finals a lot, and is a great chess opening for beginners and intermediate players alike.

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  1. If you were speaking a mountain dialect of Serbo-Croatian I might understand you better.

  2. What if Black answers with d5? Nobody tells about that

  3. Hey Levy. I wanted to write and thank you for the content you publish. Since studying your 10 Minute Openings videos on English, and London, in the last 36h, I've started from a 425 plateau, and am about to crest 500! Astonishingly, most of my recent wins have been on time-outs, or mid-game resignation! I'm curious to see where I am by month's end at this rate. I'm going to take your advice and keep grinding!

  4. Levy is honest and hilarious at the same time, which is a great combo of quality of his. He doesn't hesitate to say that he is recording at 11 in the night or words like carousel. Combine his method of elucidating things and also the fact that he looks a lot like Harry Potter. Don't know, for which one is he to be lauded…#LOVEULEVY<3

  5. most people abort game once i play c4. wasted prep time 0/10 video

  6. Incredible video! You really helped my early game!

  7. I keep getting hit with bishop b4 and it all goes down from there xD

  8. Funnily enough, this is the only opening I know thus far that can confuse and potentially beat Lichess Stockfish Level 8 (at least from my knowledge).

  9. I can easily beat Eric Rosen with the English opening.

  10. My fav thing in this video is amazing viewer vs unfortunate opponent 😂😂

  11. Just beat a pretty good coworker today with the English. He tried to get clever with an early Bishop and Queen, but I got my Bishop to g2, pressured his Queen from F6 to H6, distracted him enough to take his Queen away with my dark square Bishop, then the A8 Rook with my light square Bishop. A few equal piece trades, clearing out some pawn structure, and I got him

  12. protip: if you find alot of opponents mirror your english, look into the Reti, as that can easily transpose into the english

  13. Absolutely not just watching this because my chess friend just told me he likes to play the English and I want to know how to play against it….!

  14. 1:00 for anyone wondering, the reason why black can't play Bb4 going into the Nimzo-Indian is because of e5, trapping the knight.

  15. Educating using technology and engineering says:

    Very Nice Video Go A Head

  16. Now this is my type of opening. It’s coming home! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🍺🍺

  17. Always great instructions from Gotham, thanks. Only marred by frequent referrals to Botvonick, Grunfeld, Nimzo, etc. etc. Explaining the English doesn't require these esoteric labels. Just show the moves white might encounter and how to respond.

  18. I played a game, that become a Benoni, not sure if Gotham has covered this?

  19. There's a great book on the English that I've been working through lately and would highly recommend to anyone interested in the opening: 'The Dynamic English' by Tony Kosten. It almost exclusively goes into 1. c4, 2. g3 lines, and also spends a good deal of time on the Botvinnik 'carousel/bowl/carton' setup (which has comes with a few ready-made opportunities for Black to blunder that, in my experience, Black often takes) and various of the Symmetrical Variation lines. One particularly interesting thing about the book is how Kosten emphasises the interchangeability between many English and Sicilian lines (e.g. the Grand Prix attack). Probably the best book on the English I've ever seen for anyone just getting started with it, and for people who've been playing it for a while.

  20. how does the english opening hold up to an early queen attack by black – how would black use the queen to attack the EO – how would white repel the early queen attack?

  21. i know this is super old but what about b3 setups by white

  22. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Almost like the Catalon opening

  23. It actually works great in low rated blitz 5+0 or 2+1bullet. People are just simply out of their comfort zone, and they do a lot more blunders. It works around 900-1200 elo

  24. Best counter to the English, the Welsh

  25. 5:39 – "I don't actually play g3"…. something seems a little outdated here

  26. Man I was playing this without knowing it was a cool opening.

  27. I wanted to watch this, so I know how to play this as black, than I saw what matters the most:
    White is Amazing Viewer, Black is Unfortunate Opponent. I knew it right away this won't end well for me.

  28. Best opening moves for both sides according to AlphaZero:

    1. c4 e5 2. g3 d5 3. cxd5 Nf6 4. Bg2 Nxd5 5. Nf3

  29. Idk but English opening looks solid, my rating is 466 and i am trying English opening. Hopefully my rating will improve 💗

  30. Seems like all these different opening are kind of like vehicles. They're all good but it really depends on the driver.

  31. The most common reply I've received to the English is the Reversed Sicilian (1.c4 e5).

  32. I would love to see a video on the nimzowitsch larsen attack. But couldn't fine a good one.

  33. Ham we have to learn only English not a other opening please English opening

  34. I really like the English! It has some freshness about it, unlike the heavily-used e4 and d4 openings.

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