How to play the English Opening | 10-Minute Chess Openings

IM Levy Rozman aka GothamChess is back with another 10-minute chess opening video on the English Opening for the White pieces. This was played in the recently concluded Magnus Carlsen tour finals a lot, and is a great chess opening for beginners and intermediate players alike.

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  1. I really like the English! It has some freshness about it, unlike the heavily-used e4 and d4 openings.

  2. Reti-Grau 1927 is a great example of White winning against a symmetrical defense to the English

  3. Why are british people good at chess??
    Cause their queen never dies

  4. What's up with the short hair and nice guy attitude?

  5. I don't get it. It doesn't shut them down when I counter the grunfeld.

  6. 😀Chess Question:
    As a low Elo player, I'm looking for more openings to add to my ….openings. Just solid, non-gambit openings with strong early development for white.
    So far I like the scotch and the London, but I'm looking for a third solid choice. I'm not a fan of how the English is giving black the center. At all. I need my center and piece dev at all times.😂 Any suggestions?

  7. "The English opening cuts back 90% of opponent familiarity."

    You picked the wrong side pawn. Pathetic. The Bird's opening cuts back 99.65% of opponent familiarity.

  8. your channel is great bro! thanks for the lessons

  9. You get back here and re-record those other 2 seconds or I'm filing a report to the FCC.

  10. Levy, can u pls explain why nimzo (black bishop to B4) cannot be played if the opening sequence is:

    1. C4
    2. KF3
    3. E4

    Thank u, levy!!

  11. Hi Levy, I enjoyed your English opening lesson. Just wondered what whites best response is to 1…….b5. Would defending the pawn with 2.b3 or 2.d3 or even 2.e4 (bishop defends) work?

  12. The Caro Kahn got me to 1600. But i dislike playing E4 as white. Looking for something new.

  13. Alphazero and Leela chess love the English opening! Humans have to make them start with other openings to make something happen…

  14. ya boy got his NFT in the background😂😂

  15. "Bowl of pawns" really makes this video awesome. And the fact that it's simple, instructive, and free. Thanks, Levy!

  16. My opponent played the two knights english and I didn't know this opening and just played the accelerated dragon against it, luckily it worked because it seems he didnt study the line against that, and levy seems also to not have covered that in his video, only the symmetric variation. ^^

  17. it kinda bugs me that the subtitles block the board

  18. Glad I came here, because the other video did not do this credit. I need to re-evaluate a little.

  19. Ahhhh the greatest chess rivalry of all time.
    Unfortunate opponent vs amazing viewer!

  20. The english is basically just a white sicilian

  21. This is my main opening
    It's very strong
    I always play it in classic with 90% winrate
    But it's not working in blitz because it's too slow

  22. Got my elo from 400 to 500 from the fried liver attack but now people can atually defend so i am stuck again

  23. Thanks to this video I don't worry even a little when playing against an English opening: I just copy my opponent, annoy them and save a lot of time.

  24. I like the English too — but their food is not great. Actually, I did want to say I prefer chess instructors who don't yammer on in the names of openings — the Grunfeld, the Kings Indian, Sicilian, etc. Not needed or communicative at this level.

  25. What would be the optimal response to something like black playing d5 after playing c4? Or playing d5 after covering d5 with a knight

  26. I have to slow every single one of your videos down because you talk at lightning speed. If these are intro videos I think a little less haste would be hugely appreciated. Great content, but please slow the fk down.

  27. This has been my bullet opening, has a nice logical flow

  28. Wow so Gotham actually used to not clickbait before

  29. Went from scrapping for 500 to challenging 700, keep learning

  30. Good openings really improve your game a lot. If you know how to play the first 5-10 moves. Getting your pieces set up properly early on maximizes your ability to build a solid midgame. Inaccuracies in the opening only make it harder for you to win, and it's very easily avoidable if you just learn some opening tactics. Thanks, Levi

  31. Thanks, I am a 2000 who has been playing this opening very wrong apparently xD

  32. Ha ha …. I am here to play as "Black". And I got the answer what would be my Plan against "White"😜. Thanks 👍

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