How to play the Catalan | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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GothamChess teaches the Catalan system for the White pieces.

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  1. i used this openingin the open tournament earlier in my region, unfortunately i loss, i am around 1400 and my enemy is around 1800 idk and he kinda know the main but still i gave him a hard time, this opening is very solid like a rock.

  2. "Black's set-up is not the most important thing in the world." I've lived my chess life by this philosophy and, though I've only been playing chess for 3 years, I should break 800 soon. Don't mean to brag.

  3. I experience that people go for your knight on f3 with their bishop take it and win the pawn in the center, i mean i won a lot anyway, but it was annoying to deal with.

  4. D4 players will face a lot of KIDs, it is your job to beat those KIDs.

  5. Dear Gothem: I am playing the English and looking to transpose it into a catalan sometimes. You did not cover the catalan line where bishop pins knight

  6. can say this a old video when he says hi everybody:)

  7. I was 1k for months with london but after this vid, i got 1200 in 3 days ❤

  8. Every time i try an new opening i loss 3 to 4 matches 😢😢

  9. 2:04 “with moves like B5, which at the moment isn’t possible”My opponent: watch this

  10. Could you please make more content on the catalan 🙏🏼🔥

  11. Awesome video; I think 9 theoretical ideas discussing the friggin Catalan in just 10 minutes . So valuable , Thank you for the video. Truly .

  12. How can I memorize all these opening formations, their variations, refutations…It's just a whole lot 😥

  13. Levy I miss these kind of videos. I would love updated openings vids with your new confidence and humor. But i know you got a book to sell and courses to push.

  14. When you try to play the catalan but black just plays the dutch

  15. Why do people players want the centre so bad !?

  16. Englund Gambit players = morons; London System players = morons.

  17. My guy misspelt eunglund gambit to 'england gambit'

  18. Gotham sir in last u told about how to defense Sicilian but in mid game I don't understand only that position

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