How To Play Chess: The Ultimate Beginner Guide

How to play chess properly, a guide for beginners. This guide is designed to teach you chess basics, chess openings, endgames, tactics, and strategy.

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  1. chess inspired me with great interest after i watched the movie queen's gambit, wonderful coordination and highly motivating. It opened up the pathway for chess boards and strategies.

  2. for me starting out i would always play in a v formation with my pawns idk if it was good but i liked it as i would have defense for both pawns and could carry out attacks at the same time

  3. 7:40 If white (white refers to the player with the white pieces, black refers to the player with the black pieces) moves his light squared bishop to D5, it put's black's king in check and white's light squared bishop is still safe.

  4. Love your video. Looks like Chess has it all, attack, defense, and limitless ways of strategy. Thx. #GothamChess

  5. I am just now getting into chess and this really helps to get my footing on the board especially proper openings

  6. When he said, ”Now you can’t take your own pieces”, I knew that this was the beginner video for me. 👍🏼

  7. My dad bought chess I want to beat my whole family. I'm crying rn

  8. I work with elementary kids. One day, I hope to be half the chess teacher you are. Excellent video.

  9. WOOOOW. This video was great and really helpful

  10. I have seen more than 5 tutorial on yt but this is the best

  11. My dad is making me play this since I didn’t play any games with him on Father’s Day and I have to learn by Sunday

  12. you forgot if you’re in check you can’t castle

  13. 《 Chess board 》

    8×8 Square board
    Files : a b c d e f g h [ vertical ]
    Rank : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 [ horizontal ]
    White starts on : 1 & 2
    Black starts on : 8 & 7
    If there are no co-ordinates, the bottom right corner should be a light square

    8 a b c d e f g h 8
    7 7
    6 6
    5 5
    4 4
    3 3
    2 2
    1 a b c d e f g h 1

    Each sides contain : 8 pawns – located at the 2nd & 7th rank
    Rank 1 & 8 layout :
    Rook Knight Bishop King Queen Knight Bishop rook
    White Queen – Black Square [ e file ]
    Black Queen – white Square [ e file ]
    White King – white Square [ d file ]
    Black King – Black Square [ d file ]

    《 Piece movement and worth 》

    Pawns :
    worth 1 point
    Can only move forward
    Only First move can be two Squares
    Rest of the moves can only be moved one Square
    Can only capture diagonally ( one Square )
    Bonus Rule : En Passant
    It allows a pawn to capture a horizontally adjacent enemy pawn that has just advanced two squares in one move. The capturing pawn moves ( diagonally ) to the square that the advancing pawn passed over

    ♟ ⬋

    Knights :
    Worth 3 points
    Move in Ls :
    ⇩ ⇨ ⇨ ← ⇧ ⇨
    ← ⇩ ⇨ ⇩ ⇧
    Can move forwards & backwards, left & right
    Can jump over other pieces

    Bishop :
    Worth 3 points
    Can move forwards & backwards, diagonally
    Can move 1 – 7 Squares in any diagonal direction
    Cannot jump over pieces
    Can only capture one piece per / turn
    Cannot move to another colour other then starting colour

    Rook :
    Worth 5 points
    Can move horizontally & vertically ( up, down, left, right )
    Can move multiple Squares
    Cannot jump over other pieces

    Queen :
    Worth 9 points
    Can move any direction
    Can move 1-7 Squares
    Cannot jump over other pieces
    Can only capture one piece per/ turn

    King :
    Can go any direction
    Can only move one Square

    Bonus Rule : castling
    It allows the king to move two squares toward a rook on the same rank and moves the rook to the square that the king has crossed.
    ♔ ⇄ ♖ ⇨ ♖ ♔

  14. 1001 chess exercise for beginners – book recco

  15. Thank you so much this has been extremely helpful.
    From young nobody has bothered to explain chess properly to me.
    Dankie sax.

  16. Learning chess to play with Harry on Sundays to get him breakfast, now that’s A Very Risky Gamble.

  17. Excuse me if the castle has moved and returned in to its place and we have no nuts between king and castle, can we do that moving?

  18. hello there! not sure if you are gonna see my comment, but i just wanted to thank you, im a 16 years old and i wanted to start a chess club in my school, chess isnt so appreciated in my country so i wanted to change that. im not that good so i promised to spend the summer developping and learning more to make the club happen. and this vid is helping a lot♥

  19. Whoa where is my 31 minutes go 🫢 didn’t realize until you told the runtime


  21. Ngl you seem like you'd be a great chess player. Maybe you should take some lessons, you could be a grandmaster some day.

  22. Very helpful! I learned how the pieces moved decades ago as a kid, but I never learned concepts like piece vision, protecting pieces, tactics vs strategies, etc. I taught myself a bit of these through playing, but I have many holes in my understanding.

  23. Queens are on the D… I'll never forget this one 😂😂😂😂

  24. I accidentally clicked on this video but I'm still watching good information!

  25. This video has literally turned me into a beast in chess thank you So much your a true legend

  26. I want to learn chess step by step A to Z … Where should i begin and how? Please suggest me

  27. when i watched this yesterday for the first time i forgot majority of the things you said since i hadn’t played my first game yet and i wanted to know the pieces. now that i’ve been practicing all day and i’ve come back to this video, i understand everything you said and it’s SO much more helpful LMAO. many of the things you discussed i was confused about in game since i forgot most of the topics on this video but now this clears it all up! thanks so much for this video man i’m excited for my journey into chess.

  28. First of all: THANKS for the lesson: This is my first lesson in chess. Regarding the en-passant rule: As he said the pawn are allowed to move 2 tiles in the opening and hereafter only 1 square at a time the rest of the game: Then how is it possible for the opponent to move 2 squares at some point in the game for your pawn to qualify the en-passant rule? Would this be/or does Levy mean: IF the opponent BY MISTAKE moves 2 squares at some point in the game, then your pawn qualify for the en-passant rule? He didnt say that, but if thats the case, its very important to mention.

  29. 4:10

    You did the opposite here you cleared up so much for me this happens to me a lot and I NEVER knew why

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