How To Play Chess: The Ultimate Beginner Guide

How to play chess properly, a guide for beginners. This guide is designed to teach you chess basics, chess openings, endgames, tactics, and strategy.

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  1. I remember my dad introduced me to chess and he got tired of playing with me cuz I never win a single match. And I also make stupid moves that gives a dead giveaway checkmate.🤣
    I remember he even allow me to eat most of his pieces and still checkmate me just with just pawns getting promoted.🤣

  2. Very informative, but too much for my beginning needs. I'll have to digest this another time. Thanks!

  3. Him: so what if…
    Me: alright imma do that
    Him: but that is not a fair trade
    Me: alright I'll take it back
    Him: so what if we play like this…
    Me: yeah that looks good
    Also him: but that ain't a good-
    Me: THEN WHAT IS !?

  4. BORING… How do I get a date with the Botez sisters?

  5. 1:56 "The easiest way to remember where the queens go: The White Queen likes white hats, wears a white dress, white stiletto's, eats white cake, lives in a white house on White Street in White County in White Acres, drives a white car, dances the White Waltz, casts White Magic, sees white light, hears white noise, and dreams of white clouds over white a white canoe in white water.

    The Black Queen wears black hats, black dresses, black shoes, eats blackberry pie, flies a Blackhawk helicopter, lives in a black house in the Black Forest with a view of Black Ocean Beach with black sand and black water and has blackouts when drinking Black Label whiskey….

    ….Or you can remember the King goes on E, Queen on D."

  6. This was an awesome first video to get me started! Much appreciated 🙏

  7. Thank you so much for your time you’re really help full thanks

  8. He teaches really fun, i like the "in your face checkmate"

  9. At this point I think who ever watch this with me is a nerd

  10. So. 10:30 why not play N d5, bishop takes, queen takes, check, rook e5.

  11. I work in a public school and our school principal assigned me to pioneer a Chess program in our school, I'll train grades 3 to 6 students. I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CHESS.


  12. The only thing I’m having a problem at is tactics, strategies, like idk anything to make my opponent throw, I just make normal moves until I lose the game XD, if anybody can help me spot tactics and strategies it would be very helpful

  13. he was talking about what not do to when your hit wuth the mate in 3 move and he said not to do the thing i did lol

  14. I am 34 year veteran elite intermediate ultra pro max chess premiere premium pro chess player, and I can confirm that I am a genius at setting up the horses and pieces together

  15. Now, if I could just remember this stuff and put it into action in a game would do wonders for my 320 rating

  16. how do i get to this chess board thing that your on

  17. What opening is the name of the opening in the video?

  18. Great video fully understandable perfect language 🙏🏼

  19. Please could you do some triks about chess

  20. I am dad I have a daughter she is 6 years old i am 55 years old I want to teach my daughter so can you show me a list of things in chess thank you

  21. I'm only here because I'm working on upgrading from acquaintance to friend with someone, and he invited me to play chess with him. He said he'd teach me, but that's a MASSIVE burden, so I'm learning as much as I can before tomorrow XD

  22. You should've went on with the perfect opening.

  23. Really insightful video, I just began getting into chess, and I definitely soaked up everything you taught! 🔥🙏

  24. bro so can the king not kill to get out of a tricky situation, its aggressor?

  25. Levy, I was 1850 in college. Then I didn''t play for decades. Now, in my early 70's, I recently started playing again. But my close-up eyesight is bad and can't be corrected with lenses or otherwise. So I frequently lose my queen and/or other material when I have winning positions against 1200 -1400 players. Totally frustrating. So, as much as I love the game, I'm probably gonna hang up my chess spurs. At least I have your channel to enjoy and can be a fan.

  26. In Chinese Chess there is no stalemate, its auto lose, also the king is able to check the opponents king. The knights moves in the tetris Z shape instead of the L shape. I believe the bishop equivalent would be the cannon, which needs a mount ( any piece thats directly infront, behind or either side depending on the position of the piece its trying to capture)
    similarities of Chess and Chinese Chess is super fascinating.

  27. Yes, Andrew Tate brought me here, so teach me how to play chess! 😂😂

  28. gotham im a grand master du you want to play vs me

  29. Awesome video. I should’ve tried to get into chess when I was younger

  30. I watched this once when I started chess. Now I am in a phase where I need to watch this again to get my basics right. Because I'm playing a lot of hope chess nowadays.

  31. very clear explanations, found you from Lex's podcast, good stuff

  32. My mom taught me how to play chess and checkers when I was younger, so now I’m trying to re learn how to play both games.

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