How To Learn & Study Chess Openings

In this video, we talk about chess openings and how to study them. I discuss chess openings for beginners, theory – Sicilian, Caro Kann, Vienna, Kings Gambit, and London Opening vs Kings Indian. I show you openings databases and discuss various platforms and teach you to analyze games.

0:00 Introduction

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  1. wow, I think I'm going to learn a lot in this next year. I'm an old player but never learned openings every game was a novelty (now I know the term) This week I decided to start playing again after 25 years – I think I have a place to start. Really a great video, thanks.

  2. Great video. I make blunders, but now I feel like I am not alone . Now I can learn from them .

  3. I really appreciate this video,
    My opening play is ok, however my planning in the opening can improve.
    Your method has helped tremendously. Thank you again

  4. Bobby Fischer, later in his life, said he disliked chess because it was all about knowing mainlines and computers that tell players what to do. He was right. When memorization from databases defeats innate ability, then chess is no longer a game. It's an exam.

  5. someone please help me, at 17:03 why does he say he can move his queen if his king is in check?

  6. This is an entore world… I just discovered… And I'm fascinated.

    I don't understand anything. But I sure will one day. And it isn't far.

  7. Er…… I need to study more. I don’t understand you,mate.

  8. So, we cant just improvise ? Must know the names and theories of the playings to be good ?

  9. umm didnt understand anything except controlling the center


  11. There were too many ads. The ads completely disrupt the flow. I'd rather learn from a book than this guy.

  12. I just use the Bobby Fisher opening.
    It has potential to sound cooler

  13. thanx for this lessson i was looking foor the french defense and now I know how to explore it against every move is it good or not

  14. I open with e4 9:01 You say to Play Caro-Kann but thats the only thing i can consistently beat. Practicing openers I can learn them but then i play and opponent does C6 and I don't realize what opener they are doing and i end up a move behind.

  15. Love the videos. Extremely helpful as a beginner,

  16. Levy delivers golden nuggets of information like this to improve our knowledge of chess for free…
    Just imagine what his paid for courses are like.
    I’m going to have to invest in my chess knowledge as soon as I get paid…

  17. Ok, before i play against sb now, i need to investigate their whole chess history to choose their least inexperienced

  18. Information overload. How to learn to read and I get book suggestions.

  19. Hi, very interesting computer analysis. I hv been a follower of you recently and find all your vids very beneficial. May I know what chess programming is that or is there an App? TQ

  20. My man great at chess and also the best football player from Ajax Amsterdam (I'll let you figure out who)

  21. Picking non-standard responses to common situations is the reason I always tell people that if I ever get mugged at knife/gunpoint, I'll simply pull down my pants and stare deep into the attacker's eyes in total silence, until he turns and runs due to the immense confusion I've caused him.

  22. I am designing, and 3D printing/painting custom Chess Sets, and Boards. The boards I am making from marble and quality woods. If I were to send you one , or a couple of different sets, would you show them off on your channel?

  23. I just started playing chess on a game app and I’m obsessed. I just want to get better and win a game lol

  24. So Chess is basically just a giant memory test?

  25. I've watched a lot of theory content on chess trying to learn to actually be competent, and this is BY FAR the most interesting, listenable, and digestible video i've watched to date, so thank you for that

  26. Just watch one video from Gotham chess and you'll understand the whole opening

  27. Richard Hislop - Harvest the Nations says:

    So helpful Levy! Been stuck around 1200-1300 for awhile because I played with tactics my whole life up till now rather then learning official opening lines. Thanks to you i'm now learning the Vienna Game / Gambit and for black The Caro Kann etc. to see if with opening knowledge I can push up to 1500+ in the future

  28. How does one get gud at chess if you have memory issues? Are there any tricks or am I just gonna fight an upphill battle the entire time?

  29. I am still on a hunt for that perfect chest channel for blind people. I am a blind chess player, and I'm still in that beginner stage. Unfortunately, a lot of chess channels use shorthand terminology to go with what's on the screen. So from my point of you, I just get things like, then I take on d4, and he takes d5. Then asix, then c3, then csix, then take E4, take G5. Absolutely no idea what all that means.

  30. damn now we can find what is the meta in chess also the tier list for chess openings

  31. One thing about the data is it’s coming from people like me who have no formal training at all and just I do whatever my eye sees

  32. no offense man but this was beyond irritating. 5 minutes in and youre still going on and on abotu nothing we care about hearing. keep it simple and just get to the lesson.

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