How to Choose an Opening with Professor Hikaru

Hikaru plays an instructional viewer arena and reveals his the best advice for how to choose an opening.


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  1. please more professor hikaru this content is so good

  2. Hikaru, please teach us about English op

  3. I dont agree with the distractions, humans can learn to not react to them and focus purely on the chess board and playing chess, its called laser focus

  4. Absolutely love that you're doing these professor episodes! For someone stuck at 800 in games but 2400 puzzles, your explanations of the early game is wonderful. Thanks prof 光る!

  5. This man is probably the best chess teacher alive, and he’s teaching it to the masses. What a guy 🤘

  6. I hope we appreciate what a blessing this is…as a kid my uncle would drive 4 hours and pay 150 bucks for me to learn from grandmaster "tiger". And now my son can sit in the family room and watch one of the greatest chess players ever on a 81' inch TV. God is good. Thank you Grandmaster Hikaru. 🫡

  7. Double Rooks on 7th Rank:🥱

  8. You cannot tell players who are rated from 300 to 1100 to develop their pieces. They don't know what those words mean! You must tell them to attempt to move their Knights and Bishops to safe and in most cases defended squares and do so in as few moves as possible. If nothing is under attack or able to be captured, take the Knight, Bishop, or Rook that has not yet moved from the back row, and move it to a better place in one move. Really weak players do not know what is meant by "pieces" or by the word "develop" or "development"! – j q t –

  9. This is the best type of video from Hikaru which he delivers once in a while.

  10. What a blessing to have a living LEGEND like you sir👏👏

  11. I've been playing all my life I know good. Hikaru you bring the real king fu in chess . Brilliant beautiful chest its core fundamentals. Easy enough to teach kids. And that's impressive. You keep there attention. Chess is supposed to be fun sometimes so squeeze it out in every en peasant bongcloud way

  12. Ledesma Spain. I know this because Ledesma is my last name

  13. Thanks professor Hikaru for pointing out that the chess world today is getting dumper by the influence of Hikaru Nakamura's bongcloud speedrun.

  14. How do you go from one of your best videos with the openings to this. You are a menace lol

  15. Hi Hikaru thanx so much for insights in the Game Maximum respect….

  16. Wonderful insights kind sir! TY!! and I don't have to buy some stupid course.

  17. 1:18:48 pretty sure he's referring to Danya talking about Hans cheating on the behind scenes and not coming forward?

  18. and here I feel like chess will give me alzhimer at 25

  19. “… chess is really dumbed down by these idiot influencers like Hikaru…”


  20. Amazing at 07:38 he preempts white’s response and when they don’t oblige he goes straight into a childhood memory in response to the unexpected move!! Wow 👌 thanks for the content 👑

  21. I started playing 1e4 in the last 5 games I've played and won all 5. Simplifying and getting my pieces out faster really helped and I appreciate the advice in this video

  22. Who else watches Hikaru playing to fall asleep?

  23. thank you so much…looking forward to more videos like this…teach us what u know for beginners GMhikaru

  24. As a 41yo father that got back to chess 3 months ago (haven't played since I was 16yo) because of my youngest daughter, I love how you can teach me, so I can pass on to her and teach her some basic points, knowing I'm not getting her to learn stuff that are too difficult at her age, for her and for me!! Thank you for the straight forward-thinking and for sharing! Imo it's these types of YouTube videos/content that make new people want to play chess, because you make them see that chess is not something made up just for geniuses and that anyone can play it with easy basic principles, if they just know which is which 😉
    Sorry if my English is not the best for expressing myself
    Thank you and good luck on all your future endeavors from a Portuguese fan!

  25. There is a Loli Checkmate?!?!?!?!!??!?!??!?!?!?

    I am…. intrigued….

  26. 10:00 I thought the rook could keep the Queen pinned to the king. Then I realised that’s check mate taking the castle.. that’s why I’m rated 700.. 😂😂😂

  27. Honestly this really makes me want to switch to the Scotch as my main opening. I started with the Italian but the line is so dry and boring, also difficult to play for a beginner. Then I switched to the London but honestly pretty bored of it.

    I didn’t wanna play E4 openings because of the Italian but I forgot about the Scotch. The Grand Prix attack looks fun as well!

  28. Valuable to hear GM Hikaru’s reasoning, both the general concepts and concrete considerations behind these openings🙏

  29. Hikaru please please please give us a Chessable Opening course

  30. i was 1st in this tournment but i got carless so i become 2nd 😂

  31. bro imagine being a 1500 and playing a casual opening against hikaru when he says, "oh yeah i remember i studied this line back in 2008" and "This line is very strong, i play it on top level." 👽👽

  32. love to see hikaru play 15+10 speed run

  33. I would love a college chess degree type of YouTube playlist from you. Chess 095 going over the very basics then chess 101. Then gradually up. Freshman classes start with a 1, sophomore classes start with a 2, junior classes start with a 3. Senior classes start with a 4 and I’ve heard of graduate level 500, or 600 level classes. That refers to what year of college that class is typically taken during, but the two numbers after signify how difficult it should be given the year of school.

  34. He spent a lot of effort trying to confirm the month of a match he had in 1997

  35. Remembering games 26 years ago is how you get top level in a lot of strategy type games. Your brain is the database of what worked and didn't.

  36. 1:13:33 Hikaru thinks more about chess in 3 seconds than I've probably thought about chess combined in my lifetime

  37. At what rank do you get the ability to know how to get the knight to a desired square without drawing out 6 different patterns of movement

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