How to Choose a Chess Opening | Tactical/Positional Chess Openings Theory Explained | Opening Ideas

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About this video:
Choosing a chess opening can be tough for beginners and intermediate chess players. In this video I show you the different types of chess openings that are available, and why you might choose one over another. I talk about setup-based openings (also called positional openings), and theory-based openings (also called tactical openings). I give examples of each chess opening, including the London system, King’s Indian attack, Slav defense, Scandinavian defense (Icelandic gambit) and the King’s gambit. I give you the basic chess opening ideas and strategies for each type of chess opening, and give you chess tips and trick to choose the perfect chess opening for you.


  1. At an intermediate level I prefer playing stuff that isn’t like common theory. I like to get my opponents out of their comfort zones early

  2. Me not knowing the types of opening before this video, having my favoirite openings are both kings gambit and Scandinavian defense : :0 so that's why I lose a lot

  3. hol up, its a title that explains what the videos about, who on earth is clicking the vid and expecting something different to the shock of it being exactly what it says then disliking it.

  4. As a 1800, I've been having a fair amount of success with the Ruy Lopez. When I was weaker I tended to play the Italian and Scotch, but I like the Ruy Lopez now, because it's more complicated, and you can lay traps with your unprotecte e-pawn by pinning the knight that takes it. As Black I tend to play Open Sicilian lines, sometimes the Najdorf, (5.a6) other times the Scheveningen (5.e6), liking the flexibility of my central pawns on d6 and e6.

  5. I dont really have Just 1 opening, specially If I play with Black. The players are used to see these common openings, so when they play e4 with white and I play c5 with Black, they take about 15s to move again, since they dont know what that move does later on

  6. I have a hard time picking an opening for black against E4. I dont seem to enjoy most of them. I tried both Caro kann and french but with both i run into trouble into advance variantions. does anyone here have recommendations? With white I love to play the vienna system/gambit if that gives any insight in my prefered playstyle.

  7. My recommendation is: Before you try any of that, you should DEEPLY understand the opening principles. Don't worry about memorization, but LEARNING and UNDERSTANDING the fundamentals before anything, and you will become an universal player. No matter what your opponent does, you will not get lost.

  8. You nerds, who study openings, kill all the fun of chess.

  9. You nailed it, I still gravitate towards my old Philidor defense LOL.

  10. many thanks for this video, very clear and helpful, much appreciated.
    What are your top recommendations for "idiot-proof" positional openings? By that I mean openings that don't require much memorizing, at the same time would give me a good chance to survive opening traps by the opponent.

  11. Isn't it called Evan's gambit? And not Danish gambit?

  12. Are tactical based openings by nature more openspaced than positional based openings? Is the difference that you would play more closed and defensive when you play positional while you go more for the open attacking play in tactical openings? I must admit that positional openings can be quite aggressive as well allthough it comes later when the pawns have build up the room of momentum for the pieces. Am I right when I think that tacticians play more with their pieces than their pawns and don´t want to trade queens, while strategists play more with their pawns and like to trade queens? Finally tacticians focus more on openingtheory while strategists focus more on endgametheory. Am I right in all my intuitive assumptions?

  13. Definately f3 g4, I love that opening because the game goes by so quickly

  14. Been playing the hippo exclusively, both sides all week, and in a couple tournaments, working really well!

  15. I always play Van't Krujis Opening and French Defence when I'm black.

  16. Other chess content creators might be bigger and more “entertaining”, but when it comes to teaching chess, your are up there with Daniel Naroditsky as the best teachers I’ve personally seen. Thanks for helping me/us.

  17. Make a playlist of openings variation of Sicilian ,kings ,etc etc ,it will help all of us to learn , please help us to learn chess from one side to get into good level..! Please ,we understand your words more than others

  18. My godfather knows how to play chess but is not a chess player by any measure. I’ve only been playing just shy of 3 years and take it a lot more serious than him but one thing that he told me that helped me tremendously is just study 2 openings with white and 2 with black. His words helped me improve over the last year or so but I believe this video was a nice reminder of that.

  19. Great advice, what an interesting way to categorise openings.

  20. You are like the NinjaNerd of chess ❤️

  21. Thanks for These Educational Videos of… Chess obviously. Please continue to make Really good Chess videos!!! Really appreciate your content

  22. If you're under 1000 and wanna play some easy opening,
    When White: Play London System
    When Black: Play Kings Indian

  23. Really good advice. Clarified the whole style difference. Cheers Nelson.

  24. That really was insightful. Playing d4 as a London player all day every day, and how different that is then to e4 to black, is something you don’t think of. You are also right, once you pick an opening, you get stuck with it.

  25. I think i wanna get really good at bongcloud for white, and Scandinavian for black (the Icelandic gambit got me hooked)


  27. I really like your videos. As a relative beginner at chess they really give me a lot to think about.

  28. Well explained ! So basically have a few positional and tactical openings ready for each type of evolution of the game.

  29. Bong cloud is one of the greatest opening recommended by magnus and Hikaru….so I'll choose bong cloud without any questions…😆

  30. This has been probably the most important video for me in order to understand chess better. Thank you man so much.

  31. E4 positional based opening/easy to learn for black are the Caro Kan and the Pirc defense.

  32. Excellent video. Going to work on these different "opening" strategies. Thanks, your channel is awesome!

  33. As someone that has played chess most my life with a combination of both types of openings, this is really helping me think a bit differently and organizes my thought process on what I might want to focus on nowadays. I highly appreciate this video!

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