How to ACTUALLY win the Bongcloud

This chess video features an opening called Bong Clout. It’s a chess strategy that allows you to have fun and win a game of chess in a cool way. You can play it at any elo, even as a beginner, since it’s not meant to improve your performance anyway. It’s just for the meme moment of using the Bong Clout Attack.


  1. in actually, you can win just because opponent is almost impossible to meet.

  2. You should actually show something meaningfull like the french defense.

  3. Ok but have you heard about Sandomierz gambit?

  4. Man, i never tought that i could cry laugh in front of a chess vid 😂

  5. Real talk tho, who here has watched every video this guy uploaded? Mad respect to good chess channels

  6. I'd like to see you play a caro vs english once. English is annoying

  7. How many times has that trap actually happened lol

  8. Opponent plays this opening
    Me:I wouldnt take this level of disrespect

  9. How come ChessPage1 say Bong Clout instead of Bong Cloud?

  10. i just played the bongcloud and i won lol
    he just resigned when he skewered my queen
    (it was defended with my rooks)

  11. This is what Lelouch meant when he said that you can't expect your soldiers to follow a king who can't lead.

  12. bro i am stuck at 100 elo pls make a video in that whenever i play ur openings they are to bad and they play whatever

  13. Just a quick question, what does the two question marks mean, is that a triple brilliant move

  14. 4:40 if black doesn't get his knight out by the time this happens im gonna bonk them on the head

  15. Hikaru be watching this with his speedrun account lol

  16. I mean, it could always be worse. Could do pawn E3 followed by king E2. Call it the hot box, and shoot yourself even harder in the foot.

  17. If a king does not lead how can he expect his subjects to follow?

  18. I actually played the bongcloud and I won

  19. Imagine being a checkers gm💀💀💀💀💀💀

  20. Played the bongcloud at 700 elo can confirm great success

  21. Me getting checkmated because they moved there queen

  22. 5:06 – I actually did something like that by accident recently by using the King as a bully like that. Lol.

  23. If you think Checkers is low-IQ try playing it Filipino style. AKA Dama. Your head will spin.

  24. I won a 900 Elo with this lol

  25. That’s King Arther vs Black Knight… “‘Tis only a flesh wound! Have at you!”

  26. Thanks to this video, and my opponent having an IQ less than me, I just won with the bongcloud at +13 material.

    Thanks, CP!

  27. Thanks bro. I used this and i win a game. i played really bad, but my opponent hasn't a brain kkkkk

  28. The boncloud is not the most disrespectful opening, its the diamond opening.
    you play it as black it starts with Nc6 then Nb4, the Nc6 and finally Nb8

  29. Whatjusthappend, whatamove + Then delete this video cuz it cringes.

  30. *asking for a chinese viewer who don't know how to bypass the firewall: when are you planning to make the promised tennison gambit tutorial?

  31. “Ok just gonna develop the king…”

  32. I used the bongcloud and i ended up winning without instructions and i played 3 blunders

  33. Sometimes, the king can call the shots.
    "He's not a human after all…" [Rag'n Bone Man, 1/1/1]

  34. Bong cloud not the worst opening the worst opening is coca cola opening

  35. But I don't know how to play checkers

  36. Why did I go to 100 elo, I thought this was the best!

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