How GOOD Is 1,000 Chess Elo?

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  1. as someone that got to 550 today, I consider 1000s magnus carlsen's twins

  2. Gotham is kinda underestimating 1000 elo chess and also i've had a 1000 elo chess player play two brilliant moves against me

  3. I think you higher rated players sometimes forget that 1000-1600 level chess players aren’t actually really bad. They are usually still climbing if they’re very active. Still learning obviously. But when you higher ranked players make these videos it’s not even close to what a real lower level game is like. I’ve never seen a truly accurate portrayal.

  4. Me laughing through the entire video watching Gotham underestimate 1000s 😂😂

  5. I'm 1000 now. Was 1150, then went down to around 800, then climb back up to 1000.

  6. I'm 760, and the computer once told me that i'm 1350

  7. as a 1000 player the level is still pretty bad.

  8. I don't really know why but I can beat all intermediate bots with no difficulty, But I can't beat a 600 ELO player. I can beat 1300 elo bots, but I can't beat 600 ELO humans. bruh

  9. Blitz pool is really stronger than rapid. Also you get some underrated players more often in blitz. Dude wants to play excellent in your game and plays terrible the rest or maybe rages easily when loses. Its the same in Lichess as well.

  10. The first guy had 56 acc with one brilliant move while me as a 500 houndred and casually getting 2 brilliant moves

  11. its not word champion its 4 digit no…..

  12. As a 2066 elo for me 1000 is trash🗑️

  13. 2:31 you said that Be5 wasn't a bad move and actually it is, because you win a piece by pushing f4 and then bishop goes back and boom fork with a pawn on the bishop and knight at e5.

    Edit: nvm I just realized you testing them to show us how they play.. I forgot 🙂

  14. Imagine if I was an international streamer with native English I would be the winner of Pogchamps :<

  15. it's so entertaining watching you play and act as 1000 rating, it feels realistic instead of dominating them.

  16. I completely forgot that 1000 elo blitz players are usually 1500 rapid elo players

  17. Ass a 959 1000 feels like just out of my league

  18. I feel bad when Gotham feels all his subscribers are 900s
    I am in the 2000s man

  19. I can beat a 1700 rated but vant beat a 1300 rated player

  20. <— 1382 elo rating. I'm practically a god.

  21. 15:28 queen a5 check won a piece because if bishop blocks you win the light squared bishop if the knight blocks pawn takes d4 wins the knight because it’s pinned so when you win the knight the bishop will hang if pawn blocks you win the bishop if king moves you also win the bishop if queen blocks you win the bishop but if there are any other winning tactics I’m a low 500 elo player so that’s why. And that’s why you win no matter what if I’m wrong please tell me.

  22. A player who starts as a beginner and reaches 1000 is a tough dude

  23. For some reason getting to 500 was harder than getting to 900

  24. You're surprised that he didn't remember where the bishop was a move earlier? I'm rated 1200 and I barely remember what happened a move or two ago. I definitely don't notice if my opponent has taken one of my pawns or pieces (I press the "back" button all to time for that) unless that piece was at the focus of my attention.

  25. I don't know how I felt when I breached 1000 elo because I probably wasn't sentient at the time, but if I had been, I still would've felt nothing, because it's not an achievement.

  26. As a 700 I regard 1000 elo players as Magnus Carlson himself

  27. hey you can also be like me. Start at 1300 and end up at 800.

  28. Cant believe levi lost to a 1000 rated player smh

  29. I don't know if I am 1100 or 1300, because I'm always like winning a lot of games and reaching +1300 and then I'd begin losing 10 or 15 games in a row and back to the starting point. And I find myself having a hard time to win someone that's +/- 1000… So, it's a mystery to me. 😢

  30. As someone who isn’t even close to 1000, these videos are so informative. Thank you.

  31. I am 700 elo for me. 1000 is like a god elo

  32. 1000 bullet is not the same as 1000 rapid imo

  33. im 1200 elo and 2050 rated idk why

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