Hikaru Nakamura’s Most Brilliant Moves On Chess.com

Hikaru Nakamura (@GMHikaru) has played more than 40,000 games on Chess.com and thousands of brilliant chess moves! Here are five of our favorites as identified by Game Review.

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  1. Hikaru might have more brilliant moves but I have more blunders.

  2. I actually managed to get the second one, even though I'm 400 rated and have never done a brilliant move in my own games 😅

  3. I've done 3 brilliant in a single game

  4. He plays the best move 43% of the time, and usually in blitz and bullet. Dude's a machine.

  5. Let's just accept that hikaru is the technoblade of chess…… without the humor tho.

  6. i think the subtitles had a stroke looking at all the brilliant moves

  7. I can easily predict brilliant move as queen sacrifice is only a brilliant move

  8. I love the fact that they put in the description: Chess, created in 2020

  9. Why did you take clips from every game he ever played?

  10. The best moves is in a game's Hikaru vs Niemann! Hans's chess engines did not help

  11. youtube subtitles be acting up with the rc and six seige (i dont have sounds rn)

  12. they narrowed down over 4,000 brilliant moves into just 5 of them

  13. His most recent brilliant move: accusing Hans of cheating.

  14. 3:10 i was thinking : couldnt Hikaru go for another checkmate with Rg1, and Qxg2# ?

  15. Hikaru embarrassed Hans in front of a million eyes, so now Hans is trying to take a million Benjamins from his bank account 🤣

  16. How to eatch you're brilliant moves. I want to see all my brilliant moves, good moves and e. t. s

  17. How in the hell am i finding those and im not even close to his rating

  18. "Take take take take take take check mate" – Hikaru

  19. im either the dumbest or smartest chess player cuz i saw those 1st 2 nd ones

  20. Sad because he didn't say

    "Then he sacrificed THE QUEEEEN"

  21. Me: "I can do that"
    Proceeds to blunder 3 moves in a row

  22. Grandmaster dobra or whatever had mate in 3 on hikaru

  23. Bro am I Hikaru? I guessed all the moves😂

  24. Just got my first brilliant move today!!!!!!!!!! Sacd my queen to take back rook for the back rank CM!

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