Gukesh Loses Round 7 Game vs Firouzja #fidecandidates

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  1. Not “the” tournament leader, “a“ tournament leader. It’s tragic though… if he had won he would have raced ahead of Nepo into clear first, but instead he is half a point behind tied with Fabiano and Pragg. It’s not over yet ofc, but a tough loss.

  2. Heartbreaking 😂 actually he had biggest opportunity to win candidate 2024

  3. Alireza made like 8 moves in the last 2 minutes, what about that

  4. Young players, even at the highest levels, are too accustomed to getting 30 second increment on every move. They typically don't adjust well to time pressure like this because they are so used to being fine with 5 or 10 seconds left on their clock. Chess, in it's purest form, really shouldn't have any increment but the powers that be decided they didn't want so many loses due to running out of time. Feels bad for Gukesh though. I was rooting for him.

  5. Why "under time pressure" firouzja played perfect chess with the same time

  6. It's so sad that Alireza lost three games. He deserves to win candidate.

  7. Sagar Shah your commentary on chess is so irritating. Work on your commentary.

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